Hi Friends,

Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

With regards,
Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Thursday, 30 July 2015




Dear Amitabh,

This is further to our telecon on 28th inst when you mentioned that MakeinIndia web site is getting revamped and the new site is expected to be re-launched by 15th Aug

That reminded me of a few suggestions that I had made in this respect last year , detailed in my following email

One more feature that I had missed out - and which , I recently added to my own web site , B2B recently , is :

Auto Translation in 9 major World languages

This takes no more than a few minutes to implement  ! If desired , I can have Mr Shuklendu Baji , MD - Sentient Systems ( who develop and maintain my web site ) , to email to MakeinIndia developers , necessary links

On other hand , I believe MakeinIndia should install Google Translate API , to cover dozens of world languages

API cost is negligible

If your development team has any questions , they may feel free to phone me

with regards,


(M) 0 - 98,67,55,08,08


From: Hemen Parekh [mailto:hcp@recruitguru.com]
Sent: Saturday, October 04, 2014 9:45 AM
To: 'MakeInIndia Response'
Cc: 'singh.shailen@nic.in'
Subject: RE: Happy Dussera [#2698]

Dear  Team / MakeInIndia,

Thank you for your prompt response

I await the feedback from Shri Singh

While on the subject , you may wish to consider :

>  On every page of MakeInIndia web site , providing some counters ( such as HISTAT / LIVE TRAFFIC FEED etc , - the kind you find on B2B ) , to give some idea of the traffic . These are  FREE  and take only a few minutes to install

Since MakeInIndia's primary target is Foreign Companies ,"  Live Traffic Feed   " will show you the countries from which your visitors are arriving

>  In fact , it is possible to install separate counters on each page , which show you who / how many visitors visited that particular page ( somewhat like Google Analytics )

>  Using some API ( from Google Analytics ? ) , you may even show to all the visitors , how many minutes did these visitors spend on any particular page , on an average. This will tell you what information , your visitors are MOST interested in

>  One feature which I consider of UTMOST importance , is a 24 hour LIVE CHAT facility with your visitors ( something which Govt of India can easily afford and which will go a long way in establishing a VERY PERSONAL and COMMITTED relationship with your visitors )

>  You may also wish to consider installing a CHAT ROOM ( monitored by ADMIN ) , where visitors can ask questions / share their site-experiences and generally form a COMMUNITY

I have no doubt , implementing above-mentioned features will make a user-friendly MakeInIndia web site

with regards ,

FW: Hi Hemen, Flipkart, Snapdeal And Ola Demand For 'Experienced' | McKinsey Loses More Than 40 Consultants | New Wi-Fi Chip Can Extend Battery Life



Shuklendu / Nitin

Here is an example of the type of " News Snippets " that we plan to display in " Who is investing in India ? "

Except , in our case , all will pertain to the Foreign companies , belonging to the selected " Country "


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

RE: Hyper linking MakeInIndia with B2B


Dear Amitabh ,

Many thanks for phoning and confirming that hyperlink to B2BmessageBlaster's page , ( " Find Indian Partners " ) , will be prominently displayed on the homepage of revamped web site of MakeinIndia  , which you expect to take place in 15 days

By that time , we expect to upload our latest feature ( page ) , "  Who is investing in India ? "

This page will carry a database of country-wise investments pouring into India , since the launch of MakeinIndia on 25th Sept 2014

I expect that visitors from Foreign Countries , visiting B2B web site , will visit this page out of curiosity to know if any other companies from their own countries are investing in India

And if Thyssen Krupp executive finds that Demag is investing in India , his confidence will go up !

He may even phone up his friend in Demag and inquire about Demag's experience of " Doing Business in India "  !

This could be a powerful " endorsement " !

with regards,


(M) 0 - 98,67,55,08,08

From: amitabh.kant@nic.in [mailto:amitabh.kant@nic.in]
Sent: Monday, July 13, 2015 12:31 PM
To: Hemen Parekh
Subject: Re: Hyper linking MakeInIndia with B2B

Dear Mr. Hemen,
I am getting the issue examined. Will revert shortly.
Amitabh Kant
----- Original Message -----
From: Hemen Parekh <hcp@recruitguru.com>
Date: Friday, July 10, 2015 5:52 pm
Subject: Hyper linking MakeInIndia with B2B
To: amitabh.kant@nic.in

> Dear Amitabh ,
> Can hyper-linking go live on 14th July  ?
> It will help me remember the day - being my grand-daughter's 23rd birthday  !
> regards,
> hemen

Amitabh Kant
Secretary to Govt. of India
Ministry of Commerce and Industry,
Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion,
157, Udyog Bhawan,
New Delhi-110 107
Tel: 23061667 / 23061815
Fax: 23061598
email: amitabh.kant@nic.in

The information contained in this communication is from Department of Industrial Policy &amp; Promotion, Ministry of Commerce &amp; Industry, Government of India and is intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom it is addressed and others authorized to receive it. It may contain confidential or legally privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us immediately by responding to this email and then delete it from your system. The Government is neither liable for the proper and complete transmission of the information contained in this communication nor for any delay in its receipt.

Monday, 27 July 2015




Shuklendu / Nitin ,

In my following email - and in a later email - I had raised these issues :

>   How to grant " Access " to the CONTENT CREATION ( INPUT ) page of " Who is Investing in India ? " page , to some Organizations ( such as FICCI / ASSOCHAM / Chambers of Commerce / DIPP / Industry Departments of various States etc ) , so that , they can upload Investment News available only to them , internally - news which are still not in public domain

Even if ( say ) , we send them " Invites " thru email , we still need for them to visit this page and fill in some basic contact info about themselves and submit. We need a mechanism to " Approve " their " Requests " ( to become Content Providers ) and send them email approving their request

In this email ( or just above this FORM  ) , we need to spell out how the process will work and how their entered CONTENT / NEWS , will go LIVE , after moderation by the Webmaster

>  Permitting clicking on " I endorse "  button by any casual visitor ,who wants to , as long as he enters his name / email ID

I have still not heard anything from you in this regard

I would like these issues settled by tomorrow at the latest , so that there is no slip up on our target upload date of 17th Aug

I would highly appreciate , if this U/I is shown to me thru TeamViewer tomorrow


From: Hemen Parekh [mailto:hcp@recruitguru.com]
Sent: Thursday, July 16, 2015 10:18 AM
To: 'Nitin Ruge'
Cc: 'shuklendu.baji@sentientsystems.net'


My comments are as follows :

#  1

>  At the outset , thanks for selecting my wife's next birthday ( 17 Aug ) for uploading , " Who is investing in India ? " . Do put that date on the page !

Can you still plan on splitting it in 2 parts and making available the Content Creation page ( the INPUT page ) , much earlier ?

If this can be done , by the time the DISPLAY page gets uploaded ( on 17 Aug ) , Sanjivani could build up some 200 records ( of planned investments , from , say , 20 different countries ) , so that , from day ONE , a visitor is able to search and see some News

How do you plan to grant " Authorized Access " to the INPUT page , to Organizations ( not any individuals ) like DIPP / ASSOCHAM / FICCI / Industry Secretaries of various States etc , to enable them to enter News-Snippets ?

Category for these will be , under  :

Source = " Internal / Departmental "

Only Sanjivani will use :

Source = External ( Online web sites + print media )

This page - with its full functionality - shall be visible to ALL visitors , without login


#  2

> Site Statistics Corrections

   This cannot even be considered as a " Pending Item "  !

   Should not have happened in the first place !


#   3

>  Overall Schedule

    I am distressed that this will take 6.5 months  !

    I would request you to take a closer look and try to complete it by end Oct ( 3.5 months )

    Our last upload ( India Project Sources ) was done on 27th June

    Since then , nothing else has been uploaded in the last 15 days !

I would request you to discuss this with Nitin / Satish and come back

Further , I strongly suggest that , 5 days before each planned UPLOAD DATE , that feature is shown to me over Teamviewer , so that I can see how it will appear to a visitor and whether he would know what he is expected to do and what he can expect to see , if he did

If desired , I have no problem visiting your office 5 days earlier


  #  4

" I endorse " feature

Even though only a registered / logged-in subscriber only can use this feature , how it works and who can use it and what he can see , must be properly explained thru a write-up for all visitors to see/understand

Also , " I Endorse " button is NOT for all the messages appearing on World Wide Wall , as explained during my visit to your office on 10th June

It is only for messages pertaining to " Influence Policy Makers "

As far as discussion needed for a few items mentioned by you , please let me know a convenient morning next week when I will visit your office



From: Nitin Ruge [mailto:nitin.ruge@sentientsystems.net]
Sent: Wednesday, July 15, 2015 6:41 PM
To: 'Hemen Parekh'
Cc: shuklendu.baji@sentientsystems.net

Dear Sir,

Please find Tentative Revised Target Dates for Balance Features of B2B.

1)         Find Indian Partners ………………………………………………………………………… -DONE

2)         Language Translator………………………………………………………………………… -DONE

3)         Who is Investing in India (without subscription feature) …………   17-Aug-15

4)         Who is Investing in India (Subscription feature) …………….     Needs discussion

5)         Email to A Friend  ……………………………………………………………………       3-Sep-15

6)         Site Statistics page correction ……………………………………………            11-Sep-15

7)         Auto expiry of Joining Bonus of 1000 Free Emails , one week after link activation … 3-Oct-15

8)         " I Endorse " button on World Wide Wall page ……………………… 4-Nov-15

9)         Our " HOME " page on LinkedIn , with appropriate buttons …… Need to check

10)       No appearance of a Subscriber Name in " Our Subscriber " list unless he has clicked Activation Link ………………… 11-Nov-15

11)       CMS ( Content Management System ) for uploading on "  Influence Policy Makers " page , - …………. Needs discussion

12)       Creation of " Mailing Lists " ……………………………………………. 12-Dec-15

13)       Subscriber Follow-up Tool ( in ADMIN page ) ………………. 13-Jan-16

14)       Hyper link www.myvisit.gov.in ………………. 13-Jan-16



From: Hemen Parekh [mailto:hcp@recruitguru.com]
Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 2015 10:47 AM
Cc: Nitin Ruge


The following email summarizes the priorities that we discussed during my visit to your office on 10th June ( when Nitin was absent )

You were to work out and send to me , TARGET  UPLOAD  DATES for each of these - which , I still await

Out of these , the first two items have been completed

This morning , I spoke to Nitin re INPUT page for " Who is Investing in India ? " - as also the target upload date for the DISPLAY page

He said , he will let me know by evening , when these can be done

I would highly appreciate , if a very DEFINITIVE TARGET DATE plan is drawn up for all the balance items that we discussed on 10th June , and rushed to me , latest by this week end

If - and when - any unplanned NEW item has to be accommodated in between  , we can always push down the remaining items , at that point of time and redraw the target dates

I do hope , you will appreciate to working to a PLAN - and sticking to it


From: Hemen Parekh [mailto:hcp@recruitguru.com]
Sent: Saturday, June 13, 2015 8:04 AM
To: '
shuklendu.baji@sentientsystems.net'; 'Nitin Ruge'
Cc: Sanjivani Kadam


As discussed during my visit to your office , pl let me know the TARGET UPLOAD DATES for the following pending items , arranged priority wise

I also request you to add one more hyperlink on all pages , next to " MakeInIndia " , " Invest India "

This is :

This is a low priority item so add it at the bottom of the list



cc: Sanjivani

This site claims to have names / department names of 4893 Govt Officers

Pl register and find out whether it is possible to download these names ( of course , without asking for an appointment ! )

From: Hemen Parekh [mailto:hcp@recruitguru.com]
Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2015 5:30 PM
To: '
shuklendu.baji@sentientsystems.net'; 'Nitin Ruge'
Cc: Sanjivani Kadam

Shuklendu /  Satish ,

Thank you for your time this morning to discuss and finalize the priorities of various pending items

I reproduce below these priorities ( including the email that I sent to you a few minutes back re page : Find Indian Partners ):

#    Find Indian Partners

#    Language Translator ( for a few pages , to begin with )

#    Email to A Friend

#    Corrections ( Site Statistics page / Errors / Tally )

#    Auto expiry of Joining Bonus of 1000 Free Emails , one week after link activation

      This must be made clear in the email that goes out , once the link has been clicked

      When this feature is introduced , you will need to compile a list of all the Subscribers who have any such FREE emails

      remaining to their credit and send them appropriate emails

      All these means , " Balance Credit " counter should get automatically adjusted

#   " I Endorse " button for " Influence Policy Makers " messages on World Wide Wall , along with a suitable box below

#   Our " HOME " page on LinkedIn , with appropriate buttons

#   No appearance of a Subscriber Name in " Our Subscriber " list unless he has clicked Activation Link

#   CMS ( Content Management System ) for uploading on " Influence Policy Makers " page ,

     >   Altogether NEW categories of Recipients (eg: Bankers / Economists / Editors / Journalists etc )

     >   Additional database ( new additions to same or a new categories )

#   Creation of " Mailing Lists " ( by selecting specific recipient companies etc ) and adding to specific Mailing Lists

     This will work , much like creation of Play Lists in Youtube

     This will also require creation of a new BLAST PAGE , where  a Subscriber can match any particular message with any

     particular Mailing List and then BLAST

     Please go thru my handwritten U/I prepared long time back . Then prepare a U/I which you think will make sense to the

     Subscribers ( as to how to go about selections / matching / blasting )

     Of course , for creations of those multiple Mailing Lists themselves , we will need a new page

#   Subscriber Follow-up Tool ( in ADMIN page ) - without AUTO -TRIGGERED emails

     From this tool , I should get complete CONTACT DETAILS and BLAST HISTORY of each Subscriber

     Main display should be a flat tabulation of basic Subscriber Details , in order of their Registration Dates

     This will be like a " Bird's Eye View " where I am able to scroll up/down and see main details

     For seeing " Blast History " , I may click on some " Column Heading " to pop up details

     By clicking on Email Id , Outlook will appear , with " Name  of Company / Executive " in Sub line , to enable me to send

Pl let me know target upload dates for each , targeting at least one upload per week





Dear Amitabh  ,

I know - and appreciate - your concern to raise the share of " Manufacturing Sector " in India's GDP , from current 16 % to 25% or more

But having spent 25 ( out of my 31 ) years with L&T , in Manufacturing ( starting as a Shop-floor Inspector, despite an MS - Eng from USA ! ) , I know too well , how difficult this is

On the other hand , internet-based " New Economy " has facilitated flow of " Service Sector " jobs across international boundaries

No need for passports / visas / work-permits / permissions to take spouses to visiting countries / impossibly expensive health insurance .. etc  !

And , allow me to add :

No graduate ( whether Arts / Science / Commerce / even fresh engineers ) , wants to work on shop floor today  !

No graduate wants to " suffer " the dust / grime / grease / smell of a Machine Shop  !

They all , want to sit behind a computer screen in an air-conditioned office  !

Our so called " Demographic Dividend " ( 50 % of our population below the age of 30 ? ) only wants a " White Collar " job !

Pl read my today's blog in this context



(M) 0 - 98,67,55,08,08


If   Mohamed   cannot   go   to   Mountain..............

There is an old saying:

" If Mohamed cannot go to Mountain , let Mountain go to Mohamed "

In today's internet era , an equivalent would be :

" If people cannot go to where jobs are , let jobs go to where people live "

Remember , in 2015 , it is much easier / cheaper to import " digital service " based jobs into India , then to export people to foreign countries , where they will face a lot of resistance / animosity from local citizens

Examples :

Call Canters  /  BPO  /  RPO  / LPO  /  KPO ....any PO ( Process Outsourcing )

May be this is what was in the mind of Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad ( Minister for Communication and Information Technology ) , when he proposed setting up of 480 Call Centers ( @ 100 seats each )

As per Minister ,

>  These will be set up in smaller towns

>  These will be distributed State-Population wise

>  Union Government will give Rs 1 lakh subsidy per seat

>  Established Company will hand-hold a local entrepreneur for setting up
    the Call Center

>  Local entity can be an agency ,society ,individual ,partnership ,Company

>  State Governments will need to provide electricity / security

>  Center will soon issue call for expression of interest

But with 100 persons working in each shift , that would generate employment for only ,

480*100*3 = 1,44,000  youth

And we have 12 million people joining our work force every year  !

Can we find ways to generate in small towns , millions of jobs for 3.5 million students graduating from our colleges , each year ?

It is possible , with following " OUT OF THE BOX " thinking :


India boasts of over 1.3 million schools . These school buildings are occupied for only 8/10 hours per day

Let Government frame rules which encourage these school-buildings to turn into Call Centers after 5 pm

For a 100 seat Center , Government is planning to give a subsidy of Rs 100 lakhs

If 25 % of this subsidy is passed onto a school , it will be happy to lease out its premises to a Call Center


Under " Digital India " program , let Union Government provide a 100 Mb broadband connection to each such " School-cum- Call Center " , free of cost

That will also help the students to freely access digital education content throughout the day


Launch an Amnesty Scheme under which black money is permitted to be invested into setting up such Call Centers

No questions asked as to the source . No penalty to be paid . No income tax on earnings for 10 years

There can be no better way to put these money to a mainstream and productive use !

All that debate of " Rewarding " the tax-evaders while " Penalizing " the honest tax payers , is merely academic

India's problems are unlikely to be solved by academicians !

These can be solved , only by pragmatists  !

Luck happens when " preparedness " meets " opportunity "

My suggestions will prepare us to make 21st Century , an Indian Century !


hemen  parekh

27  July  2015

Sunday, 26 July 2015




Dear  Amitabh ,

As with MakeinIndia , we need to dream big in everything  !

And building houses for millions of shelter-less , can only be in India  !

My today's blog is all about that . I hope you like it

with regards,


(M) 0 - 98,67,55,08,08


Building    Castles    in    Air   ?

Somewhere I read :

It is alright to build castles in air , as long as you know how to place a foundation underneath , later on  "

Here are some examples of castles that our Governments have built ( - in air ? ) , recently :


Government  /  No of houses to be built / Period / Ave No per day

#   Maharashtra  /  1.1 Million  /  2015 - 20  /  602 per day

#   Gujarat         /  5  Million   /  2013 - 18   /   2,740 per day

#   Centre         /   20  Million  /  2015 - 22  /  7,827  per day

I assume that it will take , at least  ONE YEAR  to organize :


     Find / acquire , thousands of vacant plots all over State / Country

#   Funds

     Arrange loans / borrowings as follows :

     *  Maharashtra...............  Rs  1,00,000  Crores

     *  Gujarat....................... Rs  5,00,000  Crores

     *  All India...................... Rs  20,00,000  Crores


    Invite tenders / negotiate / sign building contracts with hundreds of really
    big contractors , who can mobilize billions of rupees worth of construction
    machinery , crores of rupees of working capital and lakhs of manpower

So , if ONE year is lost before construction starts , then the " Average Number of houses to be built per day " will substantially go up from above mentioned figures

I leave it to you to work out how many houses ( - 500 sq ft flats ? ) will need to be built EVERY HOUR  !


Invite WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Company of China , to bring its 3D house printing technology to India , by setting up 100 factories for pre-fabricating 3D printed houses

Then leave it to thousands of small builders to " Assemble "  on site , a few thousands houses each, on a " Rate Contract " basis

Both , in " Pre-fabrication "  and in " On site Assembly " , mass production is the only foundation !

Why   WinSun  ?

#    On 29 March 2014 , WinSun constructed TEN , 3D printed houses ( 200 sq meter each ) in Shanghai , each costing $ 4,800 ( approx Rs 3 lakh ! )

#    On 17 July 2015 , using its 3D printing technology , WinSun built a 2 storey villa , in just 3 HOURS  !

#    WinSun holds 98 patents for construction materials

#    For 3D printing of houses , WinSun , mostly uses recycled construction materials

#    3D house-printing technology saves,

      *  30% -60 % of building materials

      *  70 % of production time

      *  80 %  of construction cost

#   Egypt Government has placed on WinSun , an order for supplying 20,000 pre-fabricated , 3D printed houses

#   In Egypt , WinSun will establish 12 Dream Factories ( to build pre-fabricated houses ) , within 2 years

     These factories will mostly use desert sand as its main construction material , which was found ideal for 3D printing of houses !

#   In next 3 years , WinSun will set up ( in JV with local parties ) , similar factories in 20 countries , including Saudi Arabia , UAE , Qatar , Mexico , S. Korea , Russia , Morocco , Tunisia , and USA

It is high time , we implement  " Look East " policy of Shri Narendra Modi-ji

I hope this suggestion will reach the people responsible for building those castles in air !

And , I hope Senior Executives of all the big Construction Companies of India ( L&T / Godrej / Tata / Shapoorji Pallonji / Shirke / Mahindra / Gammons / HCC etc ) will take the next flight to China !

hemen  parekh

26  July  2015


Saturday, 25 July 2015



Dear  Amitabh  ,

Some 30 / 40 years back , there was a movie called :

" Love is a Many Splendored Thing "

Starring William Holden and Kim Novak

It was very enjoyable

I was reminded of it , by my today's blog below

Hope you enjoy it

with regards,


(M) 0 - 98,67,55,08,08


If  You  cannot  lick  them ; Join  them 

CAIT stands for Confederation of All India Traders

It has over 4.5 million retailers as its members

Till a few weeks back , CAIT was opposed to e-commerce in retail trade

But when it realized that the e-Commerce tide was unstoppable , it decided to join it !

Recently , CAIT General Secretary , Khandelwal said :

" E-commerce is a reality. We cannot be blind to it. Through ‘e-Lala’, our aim is to retain consumers who were traditionally with brick-and-mortar outlets but are now shifting away to online stores 

We are being forced by circumstances to get into this. We have to move with the times ”

By October 2015 , CAIT plans to launch its own e-Commerce portal " e-Lala" to take on the likes of Amazon / Flipkart / Snapdeal / Myntra etc

But unlike these existing e-Commerce portals , CAIT does not have a war-chest of billions of dollars , to

>   Set up Fulfillment Centers ( Warehouses ) all over the country

>   Advertise online / offline , in a big way

But when you have 4.5 million Fulfillment Centers ( of course small ) , spread all over the entire country , covering every street , then why do you need to build central warehouses ?

And when 10 million delivery boys / girls , deliver a billion packages every day to millions of households , with a plastic bag / card-box carton that reads " YOUR  e-LALA DELIVERY  " , then why do you need to waste money on advertising  ?

Now the bad news :

>   How will e-Lala control the quality of products being delivered by 4.5

     million retailers  ?

>   How will it ensure timely delivery  ?

>   How will it ensure that Member-Retailers do not overcharge ?

>   Existing e-Commerce portals buy in bulk , directly from the manufacturers ; then offer heavy discounts over the printed MRP . How will e-Lala counter this  ?

>  Today , barely 5 % of the retail buyers , pay thru Credit Cards . 95 % pay in cash

     If e-Lala insists on advance payment using Credit Card thru a online Payment Gateway , will this put-off buyers from using e-Lala portal  ?

          Again , today , almost all buyers pay " Cash Against Delivery " to their neighborhood retailer.

      They may not like to pay in advance of the delivery !

>   To- day , buyers do refuse to accept deliveries for various reasons , such as :

     #   Wrong product or labeling or package size or brand

     #   Expiry date exceeded or about to expire

     #   Even , change of mind !

     All because , there is no online advance payment , and nothing is lost by refusing !

>  To-day , buyers are even able to return the purchased goods to their neighborhood retailer , a couple of days later.

     And the retailer usually accepts the " Return " , in order to retain the

    client on a long-term basis - client whom , he knows personally !

    This will not be easy to duplicate in E-Lala ecosystem !

This is not to say that CAIT's e-Lala experiment is doomed  !

If anything , e-Lala would do well to think through these issues , then provide answers thru a FAQ page on its e-com web site

To help crystallize this thinking , it may not be too late even now , for CAIT to host: TRUE / FALSE : YES/ NO : MULTIPLE CHOICE : online Questionnaires , on its existing web site

One questionnaire for the End-Consumers  and another one for its 4.5 million member retailers

In today's " Dog it Dog " world of e-commerce , one can neither dictate nor predict , a competitor's actions

That kind of wishful thinking just does not work

To stay two steps ahead of the Competitors , you need to think and decide :

What am I going to do this morning ? "


hemen  parekh

25  July  2015