Hi Friends,

Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

With regards,
Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Job Alert on BigTV

Dear Mrinal

I tried to phone you yesterday but could not get thru.

I refer to my email of 17th and to my telecom with Suhail as suggested by you.

Suhail suggested that I talk to Vishal, which I will certainly do.

But before I phone him, I wonder if you can brief him re our meeting and my 7 year association with Reliance.

I will call him up upon hearing from you.

I know I can count on your help.

With regards

hemen  parekh

( M ) 98,67,55,08,08

42 Million subscribers for your website

Dear Sir

On 17th inst you acknowledged my feedback sent thru your online feedback form.

In my feedback, I had offered to deliver “ Job Alert on Mobile – JAM “ to jobseekers in rural areas thru iCode.

I request you to visit my job-portal   www.CustomizeResume.com   to see how JAM works.

We are already offering this service  free-of-cost  to our registered jobseekers.

JAM service has been launched as a Premier Partner of  HP Labs – India  thru their website  www.SiteOnMobile.com

In this context, I wish to draw your attention to following news item that appeared in Free Press Journal on 21st April 2006 :

“ Now, matrimonial services through 700 post offices “

It talks of a tie-up between Department of Posts and BharatMatrimony.com , “ under which, the portal will provide registration and membership services through the head post offices across the country. The friendly post office will now sell membership scratch cards and registration forms for the portal “.

I wish to emphasize that our Job Alert service is absolutely free, unlike the “ paid “ service of BharatMatrimony.

I believe offering such a free service thru YOUR OWN PORTAL will make it extremely popular amongst rural jobseekers.

Apart from this, you could also think of tying-up with 900 + State Employment Exchanges where more than 42 million unemployed young men and women have registered.

If your portal offers them free job-alerts on their mobiles – and ability to apply against any job directly from their mobile, without need to connect to internet – then you could get all these jobseekers to REGISTER on your website !

That would make iCodecity.com bigger than Naukri / Monster and Timesjobs combined !

If my proposal interests you, please feel free to phone me on ( M ) 0-98,67,55,08,08

I will be happy to come and meet you.

With regards

Hemen  Parekh

Jobs  for  All  =  Peace  on  Earth

Monday, 27 December 2010

RE: Justdial in Association with Recruit Guru (Mumbai)

Dear Clency

Thank you for your email offering subscription based service of JustDial.

I am happy re your confirmation that, in case I accept your offer, you will place on my page, 2 URLs hyperlinks to my 2 websites.

But I think, our “ association “ should go way beyond mere subscription service. There is, in fact, ample opportunity to synergize the domain-expertise of JustDial and   www.CustomizeResume.com   for mutual advantage.

Here is how :

Apart from providing searches for Companies / Products-Services, thru your search bar, you also have subject-specific searches for Movies / Restaurants / Hotels / Reverse Auction / Resellers / JD Trends / Cricket.

Why not for “ Jobs “ ?

No doubt you are aware that approx. 70 % of the 80 million internet users in India use internet for searching JOBS.

Wouldn’t they love to receive JOB-ALERT SMS on their mobiles ?

And be able to “ Apply “ against any of those job-alerts, directly from their mobiles, without having to connect to internet / login / surf dozens of job portals ?

In your mail you say :

“ JustDial’s local search via SMS makes information available at fingertips to all mobile users across 240 cities in India

Please check-out on  www.CustomizeResume.com , how we are delivering SMS based job-alerts to our registered jobseekers ( FREE ), in Premier Partnership with HP Lab India’s  www.SiteOnMobile.com

We can do the same for users of JustDial.

Can we get together for further discussions ?

Feel free to phone me on ( M ) 98,67,55,08,08

With regards

Hemen  Parekh

Jobs  for  All  =  Peace  on  Earth

-----Original Message-----
From: Clency Nadar [mailto:clencynadar@justdial.com]
Sent: Thursday, December 23, 2010 11:51 AM
To: hcp@globalrecruiter.net; hcp@recruitguru.com; clencynadar@justdial.com
Subject: Justdial in Association with Recruit Guru (Mumbai)

Dear Mr Hemen Parekh(Chairman),
Thank you for your interest in Just Dial Private Limited.
We are attaching herewith the Proposal for your persual.
Hope to have a long and fruitful business relation with you.

Thanking you,
Just Dial Private Limited
Clency Nadar

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Promo email for 2.8 lakh candidates

Job Search by Job Title                                  

Now you can search 2.3 million jobs by their job titles.

For most jobseekers, job title is the most important criteria to be considered while conducting a job search.

Job title is what decides your position in the corporate hierarchy.

Job title determines your professional standing amongst your peers / co-professionals.

Even your ability to negotiate a higher salary depends upon your current designation.

Do not search jobs – Search for the right job title.

Hemen  Parekh

Jobs  for  All  =  Peace  on  Earth


Jobseekers must be sprinters

Jobseekers must be Sprinters ?

Mumbai Municipal Corporation ( India ) wanted to fill up 4000 posts of street sweepers. So, it advertised in local newspapers, saying applicants should have passed 8th Standard ( 10th being school graduation ).

That led to a flood of 300,000 applications.

How can anyone go thru 300,000 resumes to shortlist 4,000 candidates ?

No problem.

Additional “ Eligibility Criteria “ required that candidates must be

Ø  165 cm tall
Ø  capable of running 4 Km in 15 Min ( 16 Km / hour )

Now, if a candidate can sweep 128 Km of roads in an 8 hour shift ( @ 16 Km / hour ), then the Municipal Corporation should need only 32 sweepers to sweep 4000 Km of Mumbai roads !

Why invest in sweeping machines if you can employ 4000 ?

With regards

hemen  parekh

Jobs  for  All  =  Peace  on  Earth

Iceberg  of  Unemployment

In his “ Kotak Institutional Equities “ report,

“ 365 Mn : Can India live up to its demographic dividend ? “
( as reported in DNA / Oct.21,2010 ),

Akhilesh Titolia says :

Ø  23 / 25 million Indians will become eligible for work every year for the next 15 years
Ø  Out of these, 12 / 13 million will actively look for employment every year
Ø  There will be 365 million young Indians by 2025

So, what is India’s score-card for job creation ?

MaFoi Randstad Employment Trends Survey ( as reported in DNA / Dec.16,2010 ) reports that private organized sector in India created following no. of jobs :

               In  2008 …………………………  0.67 Million
               In  2009  ………………………… 0.90 Million
               In  2010  ………………………….1.13 Million

Will India’s Economy sink by hitting the tip of the Unemployment Iceberg ?

With regards

Hemen  Parekh

Jobs  for  All  =  Peace  on  Earth

from hcp


Ø  Purchase Order

We will type out as per your revisions and send you on Monday

Ø  Webmaster tool ( customizeresume)

Take a look.Search queries are not shown

Ø  Recruiting S/W developer

      I hope you have luck

One of the pages that you have planned to modify is “ Job search by job title “, so that Google spider is able to crawl and index all the 2.3 million job advts.

Could this also be done for “ Job Archive “ page ? That can help. And also “ Resume Blast “ database where 43,000 Company Names can be indexed !



Thursday, 16 December 2010

FW: Resumefox: Smart e-recruitment software that reduces hiring time and costs by over 70%


Pl take a look at this.

This reads very much like our RecruitGuru.com which we de-hosted some years back.

RecruitGuru.com comprised of GuruMine ( Resume parsing into 23 fields to create a structured database ) and GuruSearch ( a search-engine which enables to search and shortlist candidates based on desired search parameters )

It seems a coincidence that today we will try to revive RecruitGuru.com with the help from Abhinandan and Vikram who were deeply involved in the development of RecruitGuru.com

But, if we succeed, I plan to keep RecruitGuru.com as an “ OFFLINE / DESKTOP-BASED “ tool, at least for some months.

We have, with us, following no of text resumes :

Ø  1.26 lakh resumes received by 3P since Jan 2007 and already available to all of you for searching thru ISYS. These are in custody of Reena
Ø  3.2 lakh resumes which Alex has downloaded from various job portals and uploaded on www.CustomizeResume.com

If we succeed in reviving RecruitGuru.com OFFLINE, then I propose that Manoj Pande is made responsible for parsing all the text resumes listed above.

I think if the tool is run on 24 hour basis then it may take less than 2 weeks to parse these 4.5 lakh resumes and created a structured database.

Vikram tells me that GuruMine incorporates a “ INBOX READER “ which automatically reads the mailbox and separates out the resumes for further processing ( parsing ).This will eliminate the need for Tushar to process daily incoming resumes using RESUME RATER.

Once the parsed database is ready, any consultant / research associate should be able to search it using GuruSearch.

I believe the tool also has the in-built facility to send-out emails to short listed candidates.

If you run into any difficulty please let me know at once. I expect you will coordinate this project amongst yourselves.


From: Resumefox [mailto:info@resumefox.net]
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2010 7:45 AM
To: hcp@recruitguru.com
Subject: Resumefox: Smart e-recruitment software that reduces hiring time and costs by over 70%

The Talent War is Hot.
Résuméfox can help you win.

Dear friend,

Résuméfox is a very smart e-recruitment software that solves the toughest problems in recruitment and brings down the overall hiring time and costs by over 70%. This product has several pioneering innovations in it such as the industry-best CV Parser, Duplicate CV detector, Magical CV Search and Match technology,  Calendaring and Configurable workflow.
Get Résuméfox and get ahead of your competition!!
Résuméfox establishes a central database of all requirements, candidates, shortlists, client and candidate interactions and enhances the collaboration among your team members and boosts their individual and as well as their team efficiencies. 

Companies of all sizes across the world are realizing unprecedented business benefits by deploying Résuméfox for automating their hiring processes.

Click here to download a flash demo of Résuméfox.

Have a pair of speakers or headphones to listen to the audio while you watch the visual presentation and demo. 


Buy with confidence.
30 days money back guarantee.
No questions asked.

Key features of Résuméfox:
  • Web based software that supports multiple users and multiple locations (Offices).
  • CV parser that can scan resumes at the rate of over 3000 per hour and extract key information such as candidates' firstname, lastname, email address, present company, data of birth, contact information, city, etc. with a very high degree of accuracy and database them. The CVs could be on your hard disk as simple Word, pdf, html or text files or could be sitting in MS Outlook as attachments. Skill sets are captured automatically by the system and lends itself for powerful searching of CVs instantly. 
·         Duplicate resume detection and management (CV deduplication). The duplicate CV detector does duplicate CV detection based on multiple parameters and helps you keep the database clean.
·         CV Search Engine lets you do full-text search of the entire resume repository and can quickly pinpoint a shortlist of resumes that you want to look at while filling a position. 
  • Centralized Information base of CV's, Requirements, Clients, Consultants with privilage based access to users across your organization speeds up recruitment like never before and doubles your success rate within 30 days of implementation.

  • Calendaring and scheduling module that lets you manage the events such interviews very efficiently. It lets you notify the candidates and the interviewers, keeps the recruiters posted and let the recruiters assign someone to work on their behalf. In addition, you can maintain different email templates for corresponding with candidates, recruiters and clients (hiring group)
  • Zero data entry Without spending a single second on going through the resumes, you will be able to accurately search and pinpoint the set of resumes most suitable for each of your requirements.
  • Requirments life cycle management lets you create, assign, shortlist resumes, track the process until closure without missing a beat.
  • Bulk email to candidates helps you to constantly communicate with candidates about the opportunities and to collect their latest CV's.
  • Forward resumes of shortlisted candidates to your clients or the hiring managers with a with click of a single button and track the progress.
  • Track hiring process Details about which resume has gone to whom against which requirement are all captured by the software automatically.
  • Track details of all transactions with clients and candidates, track the progress with respect to each of the requirements, recruiters, clients, or candidates.
  • Offer details Input details of the offers made and update details such as expected and actual date of joining and the invoice information.
  • Comprehensive Reports help senior management of the company to monitor the progress of recruitment in the company.

Happy recruiting!!

Thanks for your time.

Pankaja K
Kendra Business Technologies Private Limited
185, Happy Valley, Uttarahalli
Bangalore 560 061, India.

Résuméfox makes hiring a breeze!
To stop receiving emails from Résuméfox , reply to this email with REMOVE in the subject line

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Job Search Strategy

Job Search Strategy ?

For many jobseekers, their foremost job search strategy is to surf the job portals – daily, and often for hours-on-end.

But this is not something every jobseeker can do or even need to do. All over the world, there are millions of jobseekers whose only access to internet is from a cybercafé – and once a week !

Now a day, nearly all job portals send job alert emails on a daily / weekly basis.

Then there are some which display SMS job alerts on mobile and even enable a jobseeker to “ Apply “ against any alert , directly from mobile – eliminating the need to surf / log-in.

There is hardly a jobseeker who does not have a mobile !

If this trend accelerates, online job searching may not remain the foremost job search strategy.

With regards

hemen  parekh

Jobs  for  All  =  Peace  on  Earth


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

FW: Resumine

Dear Vikram

Thank you for agreeing to visit us on Friday morning.

I have informed Abhinandan re same and if required, we would be able to consult him on phone.

As requested by him, Reena is today enabling RDC on our local server and emailing the password to Abhi so that today afternoon he may login and check-out.

If you wish, Abhi’s phone no is 0-88888,28670

In case you too wish to access our local server before Friday, just phone Reena on 67070303 and she will do the needful.



From: Abhinandan K [mailto:abhi_dba@yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, December 10, 2010 10:18 AM
To: hcp@recruitguru.com
Subject: Resumine

Hello Sir,

I spoke to Kartavya yesterday night. He also agreed to my opinion that unless we get the master database (which I had explained to Alex too on my last visit) little can be done. In any circumstances, Vikram is our best bet.

Having said this, when I spoke to Alex yesterday, he told me that he has retrieved a database called 'RESUMINE'. I would appreciate if he can send me the following details of the database. I am not sure but I think this is the database that we were talkging about.

- List of Tables
- List of views
- List of procedures
Following commanda will help Alex to quicky get the above information. The commanda need to be run on the RESUMINE database. Suggest him to create EXCEL file and send it to me asap. I will be working for another 3 hours before going to bed.

SELECT name as 'Table Name' FROM dbo.sysobjects WHERE xtype = 'U' order by name;
SELECT name as 'View Name' FROM dbo.sysobjects WHERE xtype = 'V' order by name;
SELECT name as 'Procedure Name' FROM dbo.sysobjects WHERE xtype = 'P' order by name;
SELECT name as 'Trigger Name' FROM dbo.sysobjects WHERE xtype = 'TR' order by name;
SELECT name as 'Function Name' FROM dbo.sysobjects WHERE xtype = 'FN' order by name;

Thanks & regards,

Abhinandan Khatawane
(Cell) +91 - 88888 28670

Monday, 13 December 2010

FW: JAM / JAP / JAT aka seemless transition of content across devices

From: HCP [mailto:hcp@recruitguru.com]
Sent: Friday, December 10, 2010 11:29 AM
To: 'Mrinal.Shinde@relianceada.com'
Subject: JAM / JAP / JAT aka seemless transition of content across devices

Dear Mrinal

I attach article “ Google throws open it’s virtual bookstall “ ( Mint / Dec.08,2010 ).

At one place, the author writes :

“ A typical user could begin reading an e-book on an iPad at home, continue reading the same book on an Android phone on the

 subway and then pick it up again on a web browser at the office, with the book opening each time to the place where the user left


A web connection will not be necessary to read a book. “

According to the author, the content ( e-book ) transits seamlessly

Ø  from  “ home “  ( iPad )

Ø  to    “ subway “ ( Android phone )

Ø  to    “ office “    ( PC )

Job Alert is also a kind of content – and for millions without access to PC/Internet, a far more valuable content.

We should be able to deliver it

Ø  at home, on TV – JAT

Ø  on bus, on Mobile – JAM

Ø  in office, on PC – Jap

I hope, you have been able to pass-on the earlier emails to your colleagues.

Awaiting your early response

With regards


Monday, 6 December 2010

If you can outsource

If  you can Outsource, so can I !

This is what teachers seem to be telling the students, who are outsourcing to an army of web-based writers, the task of preparing Essays / Term Papers / Assignments.

Teachers of 450 schools in India are “ sourcing “ readymade “ Lesson-Plans “ from a company headed by Ramgopal Vallath.

His company has prepared 8,000 lesson – plans across all subjects for Nursery to Seventh Standard.

Who says ‘ intermediaries ‘ will lose their jobs with the arrival of internet ?

With every passing day, we see internet creating many new jobs.

And most such internet – based jobs are being created by people who were themselves rendered jobless a few months back.

They decided not to take it lying down and became “ self-employed “.

Opportunities do not ‘ arrive ‘ – you have to go, find them.

With regards

hemen  Parekh

Jobs  for  All  =  Peace  on  Earth

Saturday, 4 December 2010

As per our Telecon this morning

Dear Mrinal

As per our telecom this morning, I attach documents sent to you earlier as snail-mail.

Once you have forwarded these to the executives concerned – and once they had time to go thru the same – they can contact me on ( M ) 98,67,55,08,08  ( O ) 670,70,360

Of course, it would greatly facilitate understanding of my proposal if they can spend a few minutes reviewing www.CustomizeResume.com

With regards

Hemen  Parekh   

Friday, 3 December 2010

 Essays / Term Papers / Assignments

Teachers are all-too human !

In Nov.2010, I reported re: Australian students outsourcing to teachers overseas,

Ø     Essays / Term Papers / Assignments

at $ 2 per piece – and without local teachers losing jobs.

Now, it is the turn of these teachers to outsource the preparation of their own “ lesson – plans “ to a company that supplies such plans !

Ramgopal Vallath, CEO of this company says,

“ We’ve created over 8,000 lesson-plans across all subjects for Nursery to Seventh Standard, and it reaches 450 schools across India.”

Stany Pinto, trustee of Holy Family group of schools ( Mumbai ) says,

“ Preparation of lesson-plans is a very time-consuming affair. Not all teachers have the time and energy to go back home and work on it. Having readymade plans helps in organizing lessons better.”

I suspect this trend is bound to accelerate till someone comes-up with the idea of

Ø     Eliminating the intermediaries ( viz: Teachers/Students)

Ø     Letting the “ Assignment Writers “ deal directly with the “ Lesson-Plan Creators “ !

With regards

hemen  Parekh

Jobs  for  All  =  Peace  on  Earth


Saturday, 27 November 2010

Press Release 4

               77  year  Old  Launches   his    7th   Job-portal

Hemen Parekh, Director - RecruitGuru, had launched his 1st job-portal ( www.3pConsultants.co.in ) on 14 Nov. 1997.

12 years and a bypass surgery later, the Die-Hard launches

his 7th job-portal ; and wishes he was 17. That would have made news !

Because this is not yet another resume re-writing service ! It is nothing less than an experience that will change the rules of the Recruitment Industry !

 CustomizeResume is all about empowering a jobseeker.

 When a jobseeker posts his plain text resume on this job-portal, it gets converted ( online  / automatically / instantly ) into graphs. These are:

  • Functional Competence Profiles
  • Educational profile
  • Career profile
  • Tenure profile
  • Salary profile                etc.

Each graph displays a jobseeker's Relative Standing vis-à-vis his co-professionals and answers his question:

 Where do I stand amongst my peers ?

Next, CustomizeResume.com enables the jobseeker to re-arrange the order / sequence of these graphs online and in a matter of seconds. With 8 Personal Analytic Graphs, he can create 40,000+ unique versions of his resume through permutations / combinations !

By saving / storing these versions online, a jobseeker can now Apply Online, using the version which is most relevant to a given corporate recruiter. It is like dressing most appropriately for the occasion- where each occasion demands a different dress !

With the arrival of CustomizeResume.com, recruiters will stop reading plain text resumes ; they will start interpreting personal analytical profiles ! The best way to experience the power of customization is to take a Free Trial on the job portal.

CustomizeResume.com was launched on Nov, 14th 2009 at Mumbai (India).

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep
  But I have promises to keep
  And miles to go before I sleep
  And miles to go before I sleep"
                    -- Robert  Frost

For Additional Information, contact

Hemen Parekh
RecruitGuru ( Mumbai – India )
(P) 91-22-67070360
(F) 91-22-67070399