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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

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27 June 2013

Monday, 31 December 2018


Shri J N Singh

Dr Narottam Sahoo

Smt Ansuya Badalkar

Dear Friends,

I happened to read following news report in Business Line ( 28 Dec ) :

-    where , one para reads :

“  It will allow low-cost testing of innovations before the government commits for commercial solutions

It will also allow the State to find solutions to problems complex in nature and specific to the State’s environment such as,

#  Waste Management

#  Urban Planning


#  Pollution Control etc

At another place , the report reads,

“ Start Ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs having proven technology can apply to test their technologies meant for public sector only through this scheme “

I do not qualify for applying , nor do I wish to

But , in the matter of URBAN MOBILITY ( and effect of urban transport on Pollution ) , I urge you to evaluate my following suggested solution :

Transport : an Integrated Logistic Plan ?

If convinced re the feasibility of my suggestion, you may want to motivate some Start Up to develop the necessary Technological Platform , in consultation with ISRO who controls NaviC navigational satellite

With regards,

Hemen Parekh


Start Up  !  Make  a  Difference  !


Today’s Business Today carries following news report :

Highlights  :

·      There are about 80 lakh blind or visually impaired people in the country, who are likely to benefit from the initiative of the central bank.

·      The device/mechanism should be able to identify the denomination of a banknote with handheld operation, when the banknote is held in front of it / near it / inserted in it / scrolled across it, within a few seconds (preferably 2 seconds or less) and read out in English/Hindi the denomination, said the tender document.

·      In case of a software-based solution, the document said: "The solution can be either total software based capable to run on mobile phones or hardware driven or a combination of both... ."

·      Also, it should not require a data connection and should function in offline mode, as per the document.

·      In the case of a hardware-based solution, the device "should be battery operated, rechargeable, small and handy" for ease of operation and should not require additional light source including daylight

·      The tender document also said it should be amply made clear to the user that the device/mechanism does not authenticate the genuineness or otherwise of the banknote and the user may ascertain the same separately.


Dear Start Up :

Here is your opportunity of a lifetime . Carpe  Diem  !

On 17 July 2016 , I had sent following email to Cabinet Ministers / NITI Aayog etc – although it was in the context of the menace of fake notes :

Fak - e - Mon 


Highlights :

·      Govt to develop a mobile app , to be aptly called , " Fak-e-Mon " and insist its pre-install on all smart phones

·      Whenever presented with a Rs 500 / 1000 note for payment , a citizen simply takes a photo of that note with his mobile . He has to do nothing more !

·      Fak-e-Mon transmits that photo to the Central Server of the Treasury which has the MASTER DATABASE of  those unique Serial Numbers of Rs 500 / 1000 currency notes

·      Software compares the Serial Number sent ( as photo )  with the Database and determines whether that note is Genuine or Fake

·      This information is instantaneously relayed back to the sender and appears as a GREEN dot ( for genuine note ) or RED dot ( for fake note ) , on his mobile , so that he can refuse to honour it !

·      Fak-e-Mon also transmits the GPS location of the place of transaction , to figure out " where " are these fake notes entering the circulation

·         Central Server records / logs , full details of ALL the good and ALL the fake notes processed through each Fak-e- Mon / mobile phone , to develop CURRENCY VELOCITY and CURRENCY MAP of India

·      Just print those unique / hidden Serial Numbers on currency notes with INK containing RFID micro-sensors

     ( Yes , these are nano-scale , so no problem to flow with ink ! )

·      Then tell millions of unemployed young Indians :

     "Go out on the streets of your city with your GPS / NFC enabled and Fak-e-Mon
      installed smart phones

          As you keep walking , now and then , on your mobile's screen , you will see images
          of FAKE currency notes popping up , out of the pockets of total strangers ! Just touch

          those images and earn Rs 10 !

         (of course, instantly deposited in your Jan Dhan Bank Account ! Only DBT - no cash )

·      Pokemon is so passe !  Fak-e-mon is THE FUTURE !

     Is anyone listening ?


Dear Start Up,

In the 30 months since I sent this email , technology has made huge strides ( AI – ML – Big Data etc )

It should not be too difficult for you to modify my suggestion so that :

#   It is useful , not only for blind persons but also for seeing persons

#   It recognizes the “ Denomination “ ( from Serial Number ) and loudly announces it

#   It need not be used / activated “ consciously / deliberately “ by any one.  Using
     BlueTooth / NFC , it  will “ figure out “ the total number of high denomination notes
     on the person of the user and relay that data to the central server of IT Dept / ED
     etc  [  End of BLACK  MONEY  / CORRUPTION  ]

    To know how this technology works , read :

           To Catch Black Money , Ask Google ?         [  13  Dec  2016  ]

31  Dec  2018

Sunday, 30 December 2018


For over 2 years , discussions are going on in respect of a  NEW EDUCATION POLICY

Without doubt, Ministry of HRD , must have received INPUTS - SUGGESTIONS from stakeholders ( - including my own email re introduction of a mandatory ENTREPRENEURSHIP course in High Schools / Colleges - dt 19 Oct 2015 )

But Education is a State subject .

Hence , the States have the most important role to play in the implementation of any new policy

It is indeed heartening that Delhi Government has initiated an INNOVATION which could , well become a BENCH-MARK for the rest of the country

Thank  You , Shri Sisodiaji,

For what ?

For rolling out “ Entrepreneurship  Curriculum “ pilot project in Class 9 to 12 in Govt schools

As reported in :


Highlights :

Shri Sisodiaji said,

Unemployment is one of the biggest problems being faced by our country.

The problem with education is that in all schools and colleges, we are giving education to our next generation just to seek jobs.

Biggest question today is where are the job providers

I have seen entrepreneurship programmes being carried out at various levels in some Universities and Schools but they are treating entrepreneurship as a skill and not as a mindset

That is why, despite so many programmes at various levels, we have not been able to produce entrepreneurship mind set who will ultimately become job providers in the society. This is a big lacuna.

If we can produce large-scale entrepreneurs in our country then they will not only solve the problem of unemployment but also will help the economy grow very fast


Context :

On  19  Oct  2015 , I sent following email to Cabinet Ministers / NITI Aayog :

Extract :

Some naysayers are bound to say :

"   But entrepreneurship cannot be taught

    Either it is in your blood or it is not  "

Then they will try to support their argument by citing Bania communities

Accepting this argument , would be a defeatist attitude !

Here is how we can produce a generation of ENTREPRENEURS , 5 years from now ( if we start NOW ) :

·      Introduce " Entrepreneurship " as an mandatory subject in High Schools
     and Colleges

·      Each such School / College to be " Adopted " by a Corporate ( CSR ? )

·      Each adopting Corporate will bear the full expense of running this
     course ( Teachers' Salaries etc )

·      Such expense to be tax-exempt ( or offset as Corporate CSR obligation )

·      Exams to be in the form of presentation by teams of final year students

    " HERE   IS   A   BUSINESS   I   PLAN   TO   START "

·      Presentations to be judged by Panels of Venture Capitalists / Angel
     Investors / Incubators etc

·      Winning teams ( 1st / 2nd / 3rd  prize ) , to be offered funds by the
     Panel Members ( as seen in some TV programs )

·      Fund amounts should be small ( Max Rs 100 lakhs ) and preference to
     be given to projects involving healthcare / education / manufacturing /
     agriculture / food processing etc

·      Winning Teams , setting up Start Ups with these VC funds , to be
     encouraged to hire graduating students from the non-winning teams

·      This " encouragement " to be in the form of reimbursement of salaries of
     such hires ( only such hires ), under  " Employment Generation Subsidy "
     from concerned State Government , where this Start Up gets registered ,
     since , employment is a State Subject

·      Such Salary-reimbursements  will be for first 3 years of Start Up

·      To create an entire  GENERATION of ENTREPRENEURS , we need to start at the roots

·      Some years later , when this FIRST generation becomes parents of their own 10 year olds, those SECOND generation youngsters will have entrepreneurship in their genes

·      This is one way of preparing a GM ( genetically modified ) Generation , to which , there ought to be all round support


Dear Shri Sisodiaji,

Congratulations on this initiative to re-orient the very FOCUS of our Education System from producing “ Job Seekers “ to “ Job Generators

If adopted universally ( - with incorporation of my above-mentioned suggestions ) all over India ( by all the State Governments ) , we would have ready by 2025,


This blog is sent as email to :

Shri Prakash Javadekar ( Min HRD ) / Prakash.j@sansad.nic.in
Sh R Subrahmanyam ( Sec Edu ) / secy.dhe@nic.in
Shri Arvind Kejriwal ( CM – Delhi ) / cmdelhi@nic.in
Shri Sisodiya ( Dy CM – Delhi ) / msisodia.delhi@gov.in
Dr Sunita Kaushik ( Dir-SCERT ) / dir12scert@gmail.com
Dr Nahar Singh ( Dy Dir – SCERT ) / drnahar.singh@gmail.com
Sh M Ramamoorthy ( DCA ) / dcadelhiscert@gmail.com
Sh Sandeep Kumar ( Sec Edu ) / secyedu@nic.in
Sh Sanjay Goel ( Dir Edu ) / diredu@nic.in
Sh Binay Bhushan ( Sp Dir – Pvt Schools ) / add.dir.edu@gmail.com


30  Dec  2018

Saturday, 29 December 2018


Roof  Tops  or  Highways  ?


To generate 1 Kw of solar power you need , approx. 10 Sq Meter ( 100 Sq ft ) of roof top

So , if you want to generate 817 Kw , you would need 8,170 Sq Meter of flat roof

But the Chinese have just managed to generate 817 Kw , using only 5,875 Sq Meter space

And , that too , on the highway surface  !  In 28 % less area as compared to Roof Top

But the breakthrough has nothing to do with mere reduction in area

It brings the World , one step ( - actually , one Km ) closer to :

A Reverse  Toll  ?  Possible  [  07  May  2017  ]

For a proof , read following news :

China successfully tests its first photovoltaic highway

The Hindu Business Line
30 Dec 2017

Roads with solar panels are no surprise. But a road with built-in wireless charging systems for electric vehicles and other sensors for drones is surely taking things to the next level and looks like China has successfully achieved that feat.

According to Xinhua, China has successfully tested its first photovoltaic highway based on home grown technology, in the country’s eastern Shandong province.

The road is constructed using solar panels which have a thin sheet of clear concrete on top, protecting the surface. The panels were built to transfer energy to electric vehicles passing on top of them.

The one kilometer-long segment of the solar-powered highway covers a surface area of 5,875 square meters.

The special section has three layers. The bottom is an insulator to prevent moisture from getting to the photovoltaic devices in the middle. At the top is the protective, transparent concrete layer.

The tested segment of the highway can generate 817.2 kW of power and is expected to generate 1 million kWhr of electricity each year.

The electricity generated through this will be connected to China’s national power grid.

China becomes the second country to construct a photo-voltaic highway.

In late 2016, the world’s first photovoltaic road fitted with solar panels debuted in France.

Shri Gadkriji may want to challenge ISRO / NHAI , with this  ! 

30  Dec  2017


It is only a matter of time before most of our Start Ups set up subsidiaries in Estonia , the way 12,000 ( from all over the World ) has done - including our very own Reliance Jio - which still retains its Start Up culture !

It costs just $ 150 to get a " E Residency " in this country - which , I call , our " Gateway to the World "

Can you think of any reason why India ( which prides itself on being a Software Super Power ) , cannot match the progress of this tiny nation when it comes to INNOVATION ?

I can

Our Babus who will use every trick of their trade to hold down our Start Ups / Entrepreneurs from growing / flourishing !

Things will only get worse when the new E Commerce Policy gets announced !

Astonishing  Estonia

[ Became independent in 1991 / Population of 1.3 million as compared to 1.51 million population of Mumbai Suburb Andheri ]

Following news reports appeared recently :

Lessons  from  Estonia :

·      “Now we will register our child,” Andrejs Lunde says with gravity as he inserts his ID card into the card reader.
     And just like that, Oskar is Estonia’s newest citizen. No paper. No fuss.

·      Ambitious project to make government administration completely digital to reduce bureaucracy, increase transparency and boost economic growth

·      Estonia has created one platform that supports electronic authentication and digital signatures to enable paperless communications across both the private and public sectors

·      Citizens can monitor their data and see if any government or private institution accesses it

·      The platform is underpinned by software called X-Road, a decentralized data exchange system that links databases

·      The leadership looked for an industry where the country could compete. They decided on information technology and the internet

·      More than 99 percent of Estonia’s banking transactions now take place online

·      “If someone really wants my information, they will get it anyway,” said Lunde. “If they can get Hillary’s emails, they can get mine.”


Way to imbibe those lessons in India :

·      No paper. No fuss

           [     VotesApp     //       I  SIN  >  <  U  SIN   ]

·      Reduce Bureaucracy

          [   GSTIN on Sign Boards ? How about other 16 ?   ]


·      Increase Transparency

          [  Thank You , Shri Hardeep Singh Puriji   ]


·      Boost Economic Growth

         [  Foundation of Economy  ]


·      Electronic  Authentication

          [  #Aadhar-the-Irreversible   ]


·      Citizens can monitor their data

         [  Only Answer : a Statutory Warning  ]


·      X-Road  

         [  Break-down the Silos !   ]


·      Information technology

          [  Can Indian IT Re-invent itself ?  ]


·      Internet

          [  “  BACK FACTORY " OF THE WORLD ?  ]


·      They can get mine  

          [  Alice in the Wonderland of Privacy !  ]

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29  Dec  2018