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27 June 2013

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Monday, 20 March 2023

Greg Brockman , President - OpeAI

 Sent : 19 March 2023

To :  gdb@openai.com

cc : 

vishesh@incomegroup.in; hcp@recruitguru.com; suman@personal.ai


Dear Greg,


I was thrilled to watch your Video describing salient features of GPT 4 , including a feature to generate a website from a hand written sketch – along with its source code


Seems unbelievable !


I invite you to visit my AI website >  www.hemenparekh.ai  ,  which is powered with an API from Personal.ai


By uploading my 30,000 +  , hand-written and typed Blogs / Poems / Notes / 1500 Photos / 650 Letters received from family members / friends etc., I have generated some 108,600  “ Memory Blocks “ on Personal.ai


Now, I want to modify the user interface , to incorporate the logic described in following sketch


Idea is >


A visitor asking ( typing a Question in www.hemenparekh.ai  ) should be given an option to get her “ Answer “ , either from my Memory Blocks , OR , from GPT 3 ( which is available in Personal.ai )


Is GPT 4 able to “ understand “ and “ adequately respond “ to my wish ?


With regards,


Hemen Parekh






Sunday, 19 February 2023

Social Media as Battlefields ?


Context :

In Gujarat, social media has turned into the latest poll battlefields            /  ET  /  27 Nov 2022

Extract :

A group of digital marketing students is on a tea break after hours of deftly manoeuvring a social media campaign against AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal's Amreli rally.

"Every such break prepares us for our next move," said one of the students, sipping from her cup. She works as a volunteer at the
BJP's social media war room in Ahmedabad, the largest city in Gujarat. Assembly polls are due in the state early next month.

The BJP has a centralised social media war room team that works round the clock

"We have made this social media war room at the BJP Media Centre, especially for the elections, where more than 100 social media warriors (volunteers) and more than 10,000 'karyakartas' are working across Gujarat," said Pankaj Shukla, the BJP's state social media incharge and IT head.

"Overall, the BJP has 10,000 workers and 50,000 digital warriors working round the clock to disseminate the party's prachar-prasar (propaganda)."

The team creates and shares content with 50,000
WhatsApp groups each with 150-200 members.

To why social media has become such an important tool, Shukla said: "Every person spends the entire day on the phone. Hum mobile se logo ke mann tak jane ki koshish karte hai (we try to reach a voter's heart through mobile phones)."

From key takeaways of rallies to the campaigns of the BJP leaders, the team shares it all on WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

For instance, as part of the party's key "Bhajapa aetle Bharosa (BJP means trust)" campaign, they are running several sub-campaigns that send out the message that the party stands for "protection of mothers and sisters", peace, countering terrorism, good governance, "ghar-ghar Narmada", and "vikas", or progress.

The work has been distributed zone- and district-wise, with three key teams working on content, counter and distribution.

On how they counter negative campaigns or attacks by the opposition parties, Shukla said: "We keep a keen watch and immediately run a counter attack, presenting counter facts and data to clarify or corroborate our point."

The war room in Ahmedabad complements the one at the party's state headquarters at Sri Kamalam, in Gandhinagar. "Every day we run one hashtag  that trends for the day “, Shukla said


On whether the BJP is wary of AAP's high-pitched campaigns, including on social media, she said: "Their campaign has fizzled out, especially since the point our leaders hit the ground running with real promises and assurances."

The war room's strategy for the day hinges on the trending topics. It counters the Opposition with
videos and memes that are shared on the social media platforms.

Every content created here trickles down to the zones, districts, the Vidhan Sabha and, eventually, to each mandal in the state.

Shukla said the basis of any campaign is the actual work on the ground, "on which the BJP clearly has an edge".



Dear Pankaj Shukla


( write2pankajshukla@gmail.com / bjphqo@gmail.com / centraloffice@bjp.org / webmaster@bjp.org )


Congratulations on putting into place your :





The news article quoted above is more than 10 weeks old


Since then, the “ Rules of Election Campaigning “ have completely changed with the arrival of ChatGPT – which , for the moment, appears to reign supreme


May be, you have wondered :


“ How can I enable hundreds of BJP Netas to reach out to :


Ø  hundreds of cities / towns

Ø  lakhs of Voters


And engage in “ ONE – to – ONE “ conversation with these lakhs of voters , SIMULTANEOUSLY , in REAL TIME ?


And do this without leaving their chairs ? “


Dear Shuklaji,


Now ask yourself :

“ How can I leverage ARTIFICIAL  INTELLIGENCE to create for Shri Modiji , a DIGITAL AVATAR , with which millions can interact online , ask any question re : Reforms – Benefits – Schemes – Initiatives – Projects – Vikas etc ., - and get perfectly RELEVANT answers , in Shri Modiji’s OWN VOICE ?

For your answer, please visit my Digital Avatar   www.hemenparekh.ai

Then ask any question

In case you need any clarification, do not hesitate to phone me on ( M ) 98,67,55,08,08


With regards,

Hemen Parekh



Saturday, 18 February 2023


 Fri 17-02-2023 11:43


'amn@larsentoubro.com'  ;  'sns@lntecc.com'  


Dear Shri Shankar Raman ,




At the outset my apologies for this unsolicited mail. Considering that 33 years after retiring from L&T, I still talk about it with pride, I hope to be excused


Sometime ago,  I came across following news report in which you talk about L&T leveraging many latest technologies with reference to :



Ø   Autonomous / Connected cars / Mobility


Ø  Healthcare



Ø  Telecommunications


Ø  Real Time visibility of Eqpt at various project sites



Ø  new platforms based on AI



On each of the above mentioned subjects, I have blogged extensively ( www.hemenparekh.in  ) , over the past 10 + years



I invite you to visit my  DIGITAL AVATAR  at  >  www.hemenparekh.ai   ,  and ask following questions :







Question :


Hey Hemen , what are your views on Connected Cars ?



My Avatar answers :


I think that connected cars are a great idea because they can help to reduce traffic congestion and make driving more efficient. However, there are also


some potential privacy concerns that need to be considered.




Question :


Hey Hemen , what are your views on  technological developments in healthcare industry ?



My Avatar answers :


I believe that technological developments in the healthcare industry are essential in order to provide better care for patients and improve outcomes. By


investing in new technologies, healthcare providers can offer more effective treatments and diagnoses, which can ultimately lead to improved patient care.



Question :


Hey Hemen , what are your views on  technological developments in Telecommunication industry ?



My Avatar answers :


I think that the technological developments in the telecommunication industry are amazing and have the potential to really change the way we


communicate with each other.


I believe that this industry has a lot of potential to help reduce poverty levels around the world by making communication more accessible and affordable




Question :


Hey Hemen , what are your views on  project monitoring using PERT ?



My Avatar answers :


I believe that project monitoring using PERT is a great way to improve the efficiency of projects. It is a major reason why most US government projects


are completed on time. India could improve its "ease of doing business" rank by implementing PERT charts for all foreign investment proposals.





Question :


Hey Hemen , what are your views on  Artificial Intelligence platforms  used by the Construction Industry  ?




My Avatar answers :



I think that artificial intelligence platforms can be really helpful in the construction industry, especially when it comes to things like project management


and coordination. I think they can help make the construction process more efficient and less prone to errors.





Dear Shri  Shankar Raman,


Should you desire any clarifications in respect of the working of   www.hemenparekh.ai   ,  feel free to call on ( M ) 98,67,55,08,08




With regards,


Hemen Parekh











L&T positions tech arm to develop futuristic projects   /  BL  /  06 Feb 2023

Context :

Having merged L&T Infotech and Mindtree into a single IT services company, L&T is shaping up its other tech arm L&T Technology Services (LTTS) to take up futuristic projects, including driverless cars.

Autonomous car is a classic example of work that companies like LTTS will be engaged in. They will work on the dashboard of the car. LTTS enables technology and gadgets to become intelligent and sophisticated in terms of their processing capabilities and embedded functionalities,” Shankar Raman, Whole-time Director and CFO, L&T, told businessline.

The company, incorporated in 2012, focuses on technology development in mobility, telecommunication and healthcare space, and is present in over 30 countries. LTTS provides product, manufacturing and operation engineering solutions and engineering consultancy.

L&T is also adopting digital technologies to future proof its businesses. From using new platforms based on AI for its construction business to connecting 11,000 equipment being used at various project sites for providing real-time visibility into the operations of these machines, the company is transforming its own operations.


Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Google Startup School / Aditya Swamy



Thu 07-07-2022 09:09

To  :  adityaswamy@google.com; adeeswamy@gmail.com

From :hcp@recruitguru.com




Also read about Google Startup School in today's Eco Times



Congratulations on this excellent initiative



I urge you to formalise / institutionalise such " Knowledge Transfer " ( from large/organized / successful companies to MSME / Startups



My very DETAILED plan , including ready to-launch ( within ONE WEEK ) portal www.EmpowerMSME.com , can be viewed at :




Reminiscing : Some past E - Mails to Shri Amitabh Kant re : www.EmpowerMSME.com ( 14 Feb 2021 )







EmpowerMSME.com / E Mails sent to L&T Executives ( 02 July 2022 )







Related Readings :


Adieu, Amitabh Kant ( 25 June 2022 )







with regards,


hemen parekh / hcp@RecruitGuru.com / 07 July 2022  /  Mumbai

Saturday, 2 July 2022

EmpowerMSME.com / E Mails sent to L&T Executives

( 1 )

Tue 04-04-2017 16:46






Thank you for calling . I await the email that Mr Chitnis has sent to you


I will respond with a copy to you


I have my doubts whether this ( development cost ) , can be charged to CSR


May be , you could charge it to CORPORATE OVERHEADS


In the meantime , I am booking the URL ,


EmpowerMSME.com  ( BenchMark , was unavailable )


With Regards,


hemen  parekh 


( 2 )

Thu 06-04-2017 04:57

Dear Abhay,


Thanks for agreeing to meet me today at 11 am


I suppose persons responsible for developing this portal , will also be present for the discussion


The concept of the proposed portal is explained below


Idea is to develop it in totality and hand it over to ASSOCHAM / FICCI / CII , to operate / maintain / promote it


As far as the technologies to be employed , I am not competent to advise . You are the best judge on that but the attachment describes some technologies that I have planned to use for another similar project



( 3 )

Fri 07-04-2017 10:49

Dear Abhay / Kavi,


Thanks for sparing your valuable time yesterday


As suggested , I will try to prepare VISION document by next Wednesday



( 4 )

Wed 12-04-2017 10:55

Abhay / Kavindra :


I hope you could find time to go through the CONCEPT NOTE folder which I sent to you Monday evening . Feel free to phone / write re clarifications


Attached find the LIST OF DOCUMENT NAMES (clicking on link called , “ More Examples “ on page “ DOWNLOAD KNOW-HOW DOCUMENTS BY NAMES / TITLES “ , will open this LIST )


( 5 ) 

Wed 12-04-2017 16:34

Dear Kavindra :


Many thanks for your prompt response and – more importantly – for your CRITIQUE


I have no doubt in my mind that persons like you with such “ insights “ , will , also find the right answers to the issues raised !


I am willing to contribute by exchanging ideas across the table, whenever convenient . That would be more productive than an exchange of emails


However , in a hurry , as far as providing “ motivation “ to the Contributors is concerned, I am willing to consider merging ( without any expectation ) of,


www.B2BmessageBlaster.com ,


with Empower.com


Let me know when we can meet – and where


( 6 ) 

Wed 12-04-2017 16:52



I picked this up from Shri Narendra Modi’s web site


Take a look at the highlighted portion


The two key challenges faced by tech startups are lack of access to technology mentorship and scale know-how.


We are beginning to see tech multinationals in India launch initiatives to work with startups, providing them with access to funds, technology and mentorship.


However, given the urgency we face, the efforts need to be significantly dialed up and focused on finding solutions for India.


This is where a formal initiative by the Government to encourage large companies scale startup outreach and mentorship can help a lot in accelerating the momentum.

Another area where startups needs support is scale knowhow


( 7 ) 

Thu 13-04-2017 08:42



In your mail yesterday, you wrote :


“ Contributors/Big-companies have to remove confidential information or legal terms from their forms etc., before uploading. All this is Time, Efforts which needs stronger motivation “


This situation may arise in respect of some of the documents / forms ( both, online and offline ) etc.


But I have a feeling that in a majority of the cases , these forms / documents , contain no info which needs hiding


The extent of this perceived problem can be quickly established by compiling various forms / documents , currently being used by various factories / offices of L&T


Ashwarya may consider sending out an email to the Managers of L&T’s various units , explaining to them the “ noble “ purpose of this project and requesting them to email to him , by 20th April , a set of such Forms / Documents


Of course , that email should make it amply clear that they should send only those Forms / Documents which do not give out any CONFIDENTIAL / SECRET info / Intellectual Property  


( 8 ) 

Thu 27-04-2017 16:31

Dear Kavindra,


I refer to our recent telecons


I request you to find some time soon so that we may finalize the project-plan ( although , now it does not seem possible to beta launch by 9 June )


Today’s Business Line reports :


“ Draft policy proposes National MSME Authority headed by PM “


Only yesterday , Business Line reported :


“ DIPP to launch Start Up portal “


I believe this initiative on the part of L&T , seems to be just at a very opportune moment , considering the above mentioned announcements


Launch of EmpowerMSME.com , under the auspices of ASSOCHAM , would be highly appreciated by NDA govt


( 9 ) 

Wed 03-05-2017 09:07

Dear Abhay / Kavindra :


I await your call for an early meeting to finalize the “ Project Plan “ for this portal


( 10 ) 

Mon 08-05-2017 13:43

Manoj ,


Given my age / health , I need to rest in the afternoon


I appreciate if we can meet in the morning ( 10 am ? ) on Wednesday , in Kavindra’s office

 Pl confirm


( 11 )

Thu 11-05-2017 08:21

Dear Manoj,


Even as I look forward to our meeting this morning, following interview of Shri Kalraj Mishra ( Cabinet Minister for MSME ) , assumes special significance to our proposed portal ( EmpowerMSME.com )


I strongly believe that it will be highly appreciated by the NDA government


( 12 )

Wed 24-05-2017 18:27

Dear Kavindra :


During my last visit to your office , we discussed the possibility of L&T Infotech , outsourcing the development of EmpowerMSME.com


Accordingly , I had sent my handwritten folder to Kartvya ( www.atidan.com ) for an estimate


Following is his reply


You may consider calling him for a discussion to understand the scope of work


( 13 )

Mon 05-06-2017 11:34

Kavindra / Manoj :


Here is one more reason to EmpowerMSME !


( 14 )

Tue 06-06-2017 09:49

Manoj ,


Any progress on this ?


When I meet AMN on 9th , he may inquire


( 15 )

Wed 07-06-2017 08:16

Manoj / Kavindra,


In my following mail , I had offered to give you ( without any monetary consideration ) , the source code and database of :




The idea is to provide that “ missing motivation “ to the big companies for contributing


Can we discuss this when we talk at 10 am ?


( 16 )

Tue 13-06-2017 10:02

Kavindra / Manoj / Ganesh / Anurag / Kshitij,


Thanks for sparing your time yesterday to discuss a broad outline of this portal


I now look forward to hear from Anurag / Kshitij , by end of this week


As far as names of “ Industries “ and “ Functions “ is concerned , you may want to look up those drop-lists on,




You will find these by logging in as a “ jobseeker “ , using :


User ID = Rahul

Password = customizedemo


As far as those 2.7 lakh companies ( sorted according to the “ Industry names “ and City locations , is concerned , I can either send you that database thru email or grant to access to our web sever


Let me know


( 17 )

Thu 15-06-2017 11:17

Kavindra / Ganesh / Manoj :


Following news report appearing in Business Line ( 14 June ) , has some relevance to what we are attempting to do through    EmpowerMSME.com


( 18 )

Wed 21-06-2017 17:18

Dear Team ,


I hope Anurag / Kshitij have made good progress


( 19 ) 

-06-2017 09:21

Dear Team,

The following news report appeared in today’s DNA


From this initiative , it is clear that the government attaches very high importance to “ empowering “ MSME sector


I have no doubt that your team can / will come up with a portal which truly becomes a “ Library Resource “ for the students of the proposed University


We should have no doubt that the MSME Ministry and the HRD Ministry , would welcome – and support – www.EmpowerMSME.com


Let us remember that the Students of the proposed University would be regular / frequent visitors of our portal ( in order to download documents / drawings / reports etc for their TERM WORK / PROJECTS )


May be we could allow them to :

Submit their resumes on this portal

Forward the same to selected MSME of their choice


This ( feature ) would make EmpowerMSME , quite like a typical “ Job Portal “ – and we may consider adding this feature at some later date , if such a “ Suggestion “ comes from the MSME Ministry

It would help to put this project in the 4th gear !


( 20 )

Mon 26-06-2017 09:19

Dear Ganesh,


Thanks for your message and your phone call mentioning that you have constituted a new team to work on this project


I agree that , to begin with , we focus on the CORE offering of this portal . Rest can be added ( if required ) later


It would help if you can prepare a PROJECT PLAN , which indicates ( even approximately ), when each activity / stage of the development , will get completed


To work out this , following tabulation will help :


( 21 ) 

7-2017 10:22

Dear Ganesh ;


On 28 June , in Business Line , there were 3 news reports re MSME , as follows “


·         AP to set up MSME Corpn

·         MSME Ministry inks pact with SAP India , HMT

·         Google to partner SMBs for digital tech training


You may want to look these up


How soon will your team come up with a PROJECT PLAN ?


( 22 )

Fri 21-07-2017 15:38



This looks great  !


I am sorry I missed your calls


Whenever your team is ready , I will be happy to come over to your office


( 23 )

Tue 08-08-2017 08:59

Ganesh ,


I await your convenience


In the meantime , here is one example of the type of DOCUMENTS that a company can upload on EmpowerMSME





( 24 )

wed 16-08-2017 09:59


In the context of our own efforts in developing EmpowerMSME , following news report which appeared in today’s Hindustan Times , should guide us


( 25 )

Sat 19-08-2017 11:30



In yesterday’s Eco Times , there was a half page advt by ASSOCHAM , with a title :


ASSOCHAM@Job Creation


The advt carries a photo and a message from Sandeep Jajodia ( President , ASSOCHAM )


Advt carries a column on “ Recommendations “ , with a sub-title :


Harnessing  Corporate  Sector  “ , where the very first recommendation reads :


“  Mentoring of self-employed persons should be included in permitted CSR activities to build capacity of such persons “


( 26 )

Fri 25-08-2017 09:59

Rakesh :


Take a look at the attached


In that list ( from FAQ page of MSME.gov.in web site ) , I have highlighted in RED , a few items where Contributor companies can empower MSMEs , by sharing of documents


I think , in order to plant that idea in the minds of the Contributors , somewhere on our portal , we should provide this list


( 27 )

Fri 01-09-2017 13:53


Thanks for showing me the progress on EmpowerMSME


I wish to compliment your entire team on a superb execution  !


I would highly appreciate if the site can get hosted on some server by Monday , so that I can send a link to Amitabh Kant for a preview


As far as “ Powered B2BmessageBlaster “ is concerned , I suggest you copy the exact image shown on my site ( wordings inside the flattened globe )





( 28 )

Sat 02-09-2017 12:03

Dear AMN :


You will recall that during my visit to your office ( End March ? ) , you agreed to development of a portal for helping 51 million MSME , as a part of L&T’s Corporate Social Responsibility , and directed L&T Infotech to take on this project



Since then , I had several meetings with members of the L&T team working on this project ( - last was yesterday )



I am happy to inform that :


·         Nearly 90 % of the development work is over and the balance is expected to get completed in the next week



·         Hopefully , this ( partial ) version will get hosted on a local server and a LINK will be made available for your viewing , from your office , by mid next week



·         The team has done an EXCELLENT job , which sets a new BENCH-MARK for web designers , everywhere


We , now need to take following steps :



#  A demo-review by you at your convenience and get your inputs ( pl indicate venue / date / time )


#  Once approved by you , getting a few hundred documents ( of L&T and associate Companies ), uploaded , for thorough testing



#  When thoroughly ready , to give a Demo to Shri Sandeep Jajodia , President ASSOCHAM and get his consent to the draft MOU attached ( you may have some suggestions here )



#  In the meantime , I am pursuing with Shri Amitabh Kant ( CEO , Niti Aayog ) – who had lent support to this idea , about 2 years ago



I have requested him ,



#  to explore the possibility of getting the Prime Minister to inaugurate / launch this portal , in a public function



#  to dialogue with MSME Minister ( will be known tomorrow ) , re their participation in this project

                                      MEMORANDUM  OF  UNDERSTANDING




                                                 [  Draft / 02 Sept 2017  ]



·         This MOU concerns launch of a portal   www.EmpowerMSME.com


·         PARTIES :


#    Ministry of  MSME …………….(   Hon Minister Shri… )

#    Niti  Aayog …………………………(  Shri Amitabh Kant , CEO )

#    ASSOCHAM………………………… (   Shri. Sandeep Jajodia , President  )

#    Larsen & Toubro Limited……..(  Shri  A M Naik , Group Chairman  )

#    3P Consultants ( P ) Ltd………(  Shri  Hemen Parekh , Chairman   )


·         OBJECTIVE  


To promote growth and competence of 51 million MSMEs of India through a Public – Private Partnership


·         HOW


By enabling large successful Companies / Organizations to share with the MSME , their know-how and domain expertise , developed / honed over the years


·         PROCESS



Portal will enable such “ Transfer of Competence “ as follows :


#   CONTRIBUTOR  Companies /  Organizations will upload on the portal , documents / process-sheets / approved practices / drawings / forms etc , which are “ Non-Secret / Non-Proprietary “ and which , in the opinion of the CONTRIBUTORS , will benefit the MSME by downloading / modifying and adopting in their organizations


#   MSME Companies will search and download such documents , FREE of COST


#   CONTRIBUTOR Companies will be encouraged to form , online  subject – specific GROUPS , where MSME can join and get their questions answered by the experts from Contributor Companies





Ministry  of  MSME


·         Lend official support to the portal through exchange of MSME related databases


·         By uploading its Circulars / Notices etc , use the portal to disseminate its Policies / Procedures among MSME ( - delivered through portal as MSME ALERTS )



Niti  Aayog


·         Act as MONITOR for “ POLICY INPUT / EXPLANATION GROUP “ , for seeking reforms-related inputs / suggestions from group members


·         Act as a NODAL AGENCY for synthesizing and conveying Policy / Procedure related suggestions from CONTRIBUTING / BENEFITING companies , to various Ministries , especially in the matter of “ EASE  OF  DOING  BUSINESS





·         Own / Maintain / Monitor the portal and further develop it as required


·         Act as Web Master for the portal


·         Promote the portal among its Members and encourage their participation


Larsen & Toubro Limited


·         Original development of the portal as part of its CORPORATE  SOCIAL  RESPONSIBILITY


·         Transfer of Source Code / Documentation to ASSOCHAM


·         Hand-holding during HOTO ( Hand-Over  / Take-Over ) period



·         Providing technical guidance  to ASSOCHAM technical team, if desired


3P Consultants


·         Conceptualisation / Design-Logic , and Guidance during the development of the portal by L&T


·         From time – to – time , providing suggestions for further development of the portal



·         Transfer to ASSOCHAM, registered URL of the portal ( www.EmpowerMSME.com )




·         Neither Ministry of MSME , nor Niti Aayog nor ASSOCHAM , owe any monetary obligation for this portal either to L&T or to 3P Consultants , for development and transfer of this portal to ASSOCHAM , which is being done , absolutely FREE of COST and purely as Corporate Social Responsibility of the companies concerned


·         The only obligation of ASSOCHAM would be to retain ( at the bottom of the web pages of the portal ), CREDITS / LINKS to these companies as shown 


( 29 )

Wed 20-09-2017 09:19



Following report goes to “ validate “ our idea of,



What we are trying to do in case of MSME ( sharing of best practices by large / successful companies ) , is exactly what Niti Aayog too are trying to do , in respect of “ Successful States “ sharing their “ Success Stories “ with the entire economy  !


( 30 )

Mon 25-09-2017 10:49

Parag :


I appreciate your constraints


I hope everything is OK on Wednesday and that you are able to host it same evening – in which case , after checking up “ online “ , I would like to send the link to Shri Amitabh Kant , for his perusal , on Thursday


( 31 )

Wed 27-09-2017 16:40

Dear Ashwarya :


Pl pass on the attachment to SNS


I would like to discuss this with him tomorrow


( 32 )

Thu 28-09-2017 17:00

Dear SNS :



At the outset , allow me to thank you for sparing your time this morning , to view the demo of :






I am enthused by your very encouraging response to this L&T initiative in discharging it’s Corporate Social Responsibility



Ganesh / Rakesh will try to host the web site ( temporarily ) on my office Server , early next week



As soon as done , they will send the URL to you / PRK , for uploading 500 / 1000 documents , to test proper working of the site



In the meantime , I will appreciate if you can line up meeting with ASSOCHAM / CII presidents , when Ganesh / myself can go explain the concept



I also attach my past emails to Shri Amitabh Kant , starting with my first mail some 3 YEARS back – and his positive support to this idea


I request you to speak to him , for his help


( 33 )

From: S.N.Subrahmanyan [mailto:sns@lntecc.com]

Sent: 28 September 2017 17:18

To: Hemen Parekh

Subject: Re: THANK YOU


Dear Sir ,


Good initiative. Interesting. 

Will write to them. 




( 34 )

Mon 16-10-2017 16:39

Dear Team,


Thanks a lot for completing the hosting of EmpowerMSME on our Server


 Sandeep tells me that you are doing some final checking before starting those TWITTER FEEDS


 In the meantime , Sandeep is chasing the BIG ROCK ( with whom , we have booked domain name ) for going live


Since our office is closed for rest of the week , I plan to carry out my own testing of the site , by working from home


I plan to register 3P CONSULTANTS as a CONTRIBUTOR and upload a few documents , over the next few days


 I will also get my son Vishesh’s company – INCOME ( and 2 / 3 other small companies  ) , as an MSME and download those documents


I would appreciate if you can email to me , USER ID and PASSWORD , as ADMIN , so that I can “ approve “ those documents getting uploaded


If there are no hitches , early next week , I will request PRK to start uploading different types of  L&T DOCUMENTS , for 10 / 12 days ( target 500 )


If that too goes well  , we will start our dialogue with CII – ASSOCHAM etc


Thanking all of you once again for an excellent product


( 35 )

Mon 16-10-2017 16:51



·         We had decided to place at the TOP on each page ,  ( just before link “ Know How “ ) , a link called “  TYPICAL  DOCUMENTS “ , clicking on which would display those 400 document names


· Here , in the CONTRIBUTOR panel , the link DOCUMENTS , is not working


·         We also wanted ( on each page ) , a counter which reads “  No of Visitors at this moment…………… “


( 36 )

Tue 24-10-2017 11:37

Dear  Varun,


 This is further to our discussion last evening

 Attached find :


·         List of “ Document Names “  ( a page which pops up upon clicking link “ TYPICAL DOCUMENTS “  )  . Pl remove the explanatory write-up while constructing the pop up page )


·         List of “ Industry Names “ for the drop list for INDUSTRY in the REGISTRATION forms ( for both , the Contributors and the MSME ).


Column on left describes the OVERALL GENERIC description of a given INDUSTRY , which covers the sub-sets shown in the right side column


  If all the “ sub sets “ are shown ( one below the other ) , then the drop list will become VERY LONG


Is it possible to show the OVERALL GENERIC descriptions in the drop list and reveal the Sub Sets when visitor hovers ( or clicks ? ) mouse over a BROAD description ?


As far as the “ List of FUNCTIONS “ is concerned , I am working on it and hope to send to you by evening


( 37 )

Tue 24-10-2017 17:26



Find attached  FUNCTION  list  (  a Contributor , while uploading any Document , has to select one of these FUNCTIONS , to which that particular Document belongs )


Incidentally , I am unable to directly go to the DOCUMENT UPLOAD page  ! 


Any casual visitor should be able to find / click a link , which takes him directly to that page ( even if he is not registered as a Contributor ) . Same logic should apply to the DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD page


Of course , unless registered and logged in , a visitor cannot use this page


( 38 )

Wed 25-10-2017 14:56



Ref : Our talk a little while back


From my office , I will call you tomorrow at 10 am for guiding us on how to start UP-LOADING documents as a Contributor


For that to happen , in the upload form , we will need drop lists to click / select :


:  Industry  (  ?  )


:  Function


:  Expression / Manifestation


I hope this will get incorporated by today evening


Can we also have On line list of TYPICAL DOCUMENTS  ?



( 39 )

Tue 31-10-2017 11:09





On this page , you have provided following fields :


#  Challenge  Functional Area


#  Challenge  Expression



Without  telling the Contributor , what and why are these , they remain a puzzle  !



In my original handwritten notes ( 10 April ) , I had envisaged a SEPARATE PAGE , called “ CONTRIBUTOR CHALLENGE



However , during some subsequent discussion , we must have decided to make these , a part of “ Document Upload “ page itself – a good decision



But this “ merger “ requires that we provide a CLEAR EXPLANATION for the existence of these fields



I suggest that after the field “ Relevant Keywords “ , you add following write up ( just above those two fields ) :



We have good reason to believe that somewhere in your Organization , you have designed / developed / using , a document which falls outside of the “ FUNCTIONAL AREAS “ , and / or “ EXPRESSION “, that you find above



If so , here is your chance to “ Add To “ and expand the above-shown drop-lists , by entering YOUR UNIQUE contribution



If  found suitable , your NEW NOMENCLATURES will get added to our MASTERS


( 40 )

Fri 03-11-2017 06:03

Dear PRK


Varun ( LTI team ) phoned last evening that he has completed the preliminary testing of the following main functionalities of EmpowerMSME portal :


·         “ Registration “  ( by both , Contributor and by MSME )


·         “ Upload Document “  ( by Contributor )


·         “ Download Document “ ( by MSME  )


Apparently , all of these are working satisfactorily


No doubt , some cosmetic improvements remain , which I hope might get done today


For “ Scale Up Testing “ , LTI team now await your uploading of a few hundred ( varied ) L&T documents


For any clarification required , feel free to phone


( 41 )

Thu 09-11-2017 09:42

Dear AMN,


Thanks for inviting me to attend the launch of your biography , “ Nationalist


I will happily come


And here is a suggestion :


The book is all about your life-long dedication to the Indian Industry in general and to the cause of “ Serving the Nation “ in particular


It would be in the “ fitness of things “ that one more example of your commitment to this purpose gets highlighted at this “ once-in-a-lifetime “ event


By inserting in each copy of the book , a beautifully crafted / printed , BOOK-MARK , carrying following message :






       A  “ Corporate Social Responsibility “  initiative of L&T to Empower India


( 42 )

Mon 20-11-2017 10:13

Dear AMN,


It was a pleasure to attend the launch of : The Nationalist :


Among the many well-deserved tributes , I was especially impressed with :


    Mukesh Ambani calling you , the “ first Make In India  person


Devendra Fadnavis , in his concluding remarks , exhorting you to , “ Now help other small companies dream big and become future L&Ts “


 Even before he said so , you had embarked on the project of :

www.EmpowerMSME.com  : , whose entire focus is to enable 51 million Indian MSME ( employing 110 million persons ) , by copying / learning / imbibing , knowledge / systems / practices which made L&T ( - and other large / successful companies ) great


 As per our telecon last week , please find some time for Ganesh / Rakesh ( LTI ) to give you a demo of this portal, when you may want to invite PRK , who has kindly agreed to upload a few hundred L&T documents , which provide a proof of our own belief in this CSR initiative of a kind , not undertaken by any Indian Company so far


During a demo of the portal to SNS ( on 27 Sept ), he appreciated this initiative and promised to speak to ASSOCHAM ( Sandeep Jajodia ) – CII ( Shobana Kamaneni ) and NITI Aayog ( Amitabh Kant ) ,for their endorsement / participation in this project , as per MOU copy sent to you earlier ( and copies left with SNS – PRK )


( 43 )

Wed 29-11-2017 11:00



Just a gentle reminder . I can imagine your busy schedule


But even though we are the FIRST with this initiative , in internet age , the FIRST MOVER ADVANTAGE does not last for more than a few weeks  !


( 44 )

Wed 13-12-2017 12:37



Just a gentle reminder . I can imagine your busy schedule


But even though we are the FIRST with this initiative , in internet age , the FIRST MOVER ADVANTAGE does not last for more than a few weeks  !


( 45 )

Mon 22-01-2018 12:06




As suggested by you earlier , we ( Ganesh & Rakesh from LTI and myself ) had given a demo of ,


www.EmpowerMSME.com ,


to SNS , on 27 Sept


 He was appreciative of this unique CSR initiative of L&T and made some , very useful suggestions to improve the usefulness of this site ( which have been since , implemented )


SNS asked us to meet PRK as far as the question of uploading of a few hundred L&T documents ( non-propriety / non-secret ) was concerned – which , we did and explained the concept to PRK , who promised to co-ordinate with various L&T units , in this matter and act as a central contact point


Once these documents get uploaded , my suggestion was to contact ASSOCHAM or FICCI or CII ( or all the three ) , and urge them to participate in this project , as per MOU attached


At the moment , this web site is temporarily hosted on a server in my office


I write to request you to convene a meeting of all concerned to take this initiative to next stage


(  46 )

Wed 14-02-2018 10:20

Dear Anilbhai ,


In this connection , I tried to reach you on phone on 9th and again this morning – but could not


I hope you will find some time to review this project , soon


If coordinating with all concerned is proving to be a problem , maybe I can alone meet you and give you the demo . Technical issues can always get addressed by Ganesh / Rakesh , at a later date


What we need now is a “ Business Decision “




( 47 )

Fri 06-04-2018 09:40

Dear SNS,


During last few weeks , I tried to reach you several times but Krupali told me that you were tied up with budget meetings


I hope you are ( relatively ) free now and will find time for reviewing EmpowerMSME and decide on next step


( 48 )

Tue 10-04-2018 10:31

Dear  SNS,


After our review meeting of this portal , you agreed to write to :


#  Shri Amitabh Kant  (  CEO – NITI Aayog ) { my earlier emails to Shri

     Kant , already with you }

 #  CII

 #   Assocham


I appreciate that due to your busy schedule , you might not found time to do so , as yet


But , since the portal is already hosted for over 6 MONTHS now , I urge you to find a few minutes for this – even though it is not a high priority matter


With regards,


( 49 )

Thu 26-04-2018 10:08

Dear SNS,


If you so desire , I could myself write to Kant / ASSOCHAM / CII , etc but those emails may not get read !


But , coming from you , not only will these get read, but get appreciated as a noble CSR initiative on part of L&T to contribute towards growth of MSME .  A communication from you will get ACTED UPON !


 It is more than a year since we started on this project . In this “ Relay Race “ , it is time to handover the baton to the next players


( 50 )

Fri 25-05-2018 09:51

Dear SNS


I am in regular touch with Krupali for finding your convenience


Earlier this week , she said , you might find some time this week


I await your feedback


Warm Regards,


( 51 )

Sun 27-05-2018 08:33

Dear  SNS,


Behind developing   www.EmpowerMSME.com  ,  our intention was quite similar to the one expressed by Shri Amitabh Kant , in the following news, viz :


“  To pass-on to MSME , knowledge / expertise / practices developed by large organized companies , and , thereby accelerate their scaling up “


 I await your convenience to meet up and take this to the next stage  


With Regards,


( 52 )

Sun 23-09-2018 09:00

Dear SNS ,


Many thanks for your prompt response to my yesterday’s email , where you write :



Dear Sir ,


I read with interest. Am aware of this. Have passed it on




Sent from my iPhone



No doubt , reviving EmpowerMSME web site would require “ re-hosting “ it on some server


But that is no more than a few hours job for Rakesh / Ganesh ( LTI )


Most important step is to get CII – ASSOCHAM  -  FICCI , to join forces with L&T in its CSR initiative


For this , I urge you to send out the following email ( draft ) , with whatever changes you deem necessary


I would be glad to come over to your office for a personal discussion , if desired


You can reach me on 98,67,55,08,08


( 53 )

Sun 31-03-2019 18:03

Dear SNS,


I am glad you liked this blog


I am still hoping that one day ( soon ? ) , you will agree to launch :


for which L&T Infotech team and myself spent 6 months


with regards,