Hi Friends,

Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

With regards,
Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Architecting Real Estate Solutions

Dear Sanjay and Team ,

Just had an opportunity to look at your impressive publicity brochure

Must have cost Rs 100 / - per piece ( not counting the amount paid to the Agency for artwork , creative etc )

And , another Rs 10/- to Vichare Couriers for next-day delivery

May be this campaign cost you over Rs 200,000 / - in all to reach out to 1,000 Corporate

Now ,

If I can deliver your Marketing Message to,

·         5,000 of India’s top Corporate

·         Listed according to 52 Industry-Sectors

·         Located in 2,000 + cities


Charge you , only Rs 1,000 / -,


Deliver your Message within hours,

How would you like it  ?

All you need to do is to register on,

Ø    www.B2BmessageBlaster.com  (  B2B  )

Ø    Compose your Marketing Message

Ø    Select the target companies ( from a online database of 2,27,000 companies )

Ø    Blast your message

If there are any questions , feel free to write or phone ( 0-98,67,55,08,08  )


( click to view my profile )

A-301, Hyde Park , Saki Vihar Road , Powai , Andheri

Monday, 3 December 2018

Thank You

Dear  Sir  ,

Thanks for registering on,

However , from our logs , it appears that you have NOT clicked on the Activation Link sent to your email ID

I would request you to find that mail and click the link , as soon as possible

As soon as you do so , you will receive our email confirming that your Account has been credited with a Joining Bonus of 1,000 FREE email-blasts

As soon as you get that mail , you can compose your Marketing Message by login at " Compose Message " page

Normally , composed / saved messages get " Approved " within a few hours , but if you are in a hurry to start your FREE blast ( to 1000 Companies of your choice ) , then feel free to phone me on 0-98,67,55,08,08  and I will approve it immediately

If you face any difficulty , do not hesitate to phone me

Wishing you luck with finding new customers ,

with regards,

hemen  parekh

Sunday, 18 November 2018

RE: B2B Updates


Congrats to you / Satish , for a well-executed job

Also for City-wise Company list

If 381 is the correct NUMBER of Indian Cities in our online database , then , as requested yesterday , on priority basis , please change the old Number ( 2000 + Cities ) , from all page write ups , wherever found

While talking with Satish yesterday , he promised to discuss with you / Shuklendu on how to go about enabling a Casual Visitor to be able to select all search-parameters - and also see all the displays - on pages , " Blast Message-Corporate / City wise " and " Industry wise " , but NOT be able to click BLAST MESSAGE button unless he is already logged in

As mentioned by me earlier , such VIVID / LIVE execution of the entire process ( without having to login ) will prompt the visitor to " experiment " again and again , ( each time , selecting different search-parameters ), and get convinced about the UTILITY of our offering

In turn , he will get motivated to Register

Satish was thinking in terms of separate pages like current " VIEW  DEMO " page

I strongly urge you to avoid SEPARATE pages and incorporate this FUNCTIONALITY in the relevant pages , themselves

Pl confirm


From: nitin.ruge [mailto:nitin.ruge@sentientsystems.net]
Sent: Tuesday, December 09, 2014 6:14 PM
To: Parekh, Hemen
Cc: shuklendu.baji@sentientsystems.net
Subject: B2B Updates

Dear Sir,
Blast Message - Corporate / City wise " page -  "  No of Companies - Industry wise .  "  Pop up  uploaded on server.
Please find the attached file for No. of Companies City wise for India.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Creating OPT-IN database for B2B

Tanishq ,

At the outset  , I wish to thank you for the time you spent with us yesterday , explaining the finer points of E-Mail Marketing , in the context of B2B

I appreciate your suggestion to create a page on B2B , where Companies / Organizations can register , exclusively as RECIPIENTS of messages

Over the next few days , I will apply my mind as to precise structure of such a registration and will share with you , my detailed proposal when ready , for your comments / suggestions

You will recall that , during our discussions , I mentioned re our plan to introduce a JOINING BONUS of 1000 Free emails, as an incentive for visitors to sign-up ( Register )

Now , I propose that , on our SUBSCRIBER REGISTRATION page , we add the following additional WRITE-UP , just ABOVE the Registration Form :


Dear Visitor,

Before starting to fill-up the Form below , please select one of the following Options

( * ) ….. Please treat me as a FREE SUBSCRIBER and add my details to your RECIPIENT DATABASE , to enable me to “ Receive “ messages from
            Your other PAID SUBSCRIBERS

( * )…… Please credit my Account with 1,000 FREE emails ( JOINING BONUS ) , to enable me to send out ONE marketing message , as a trial. I
            understand that I have NO OBLIGATION what-so-ever , to become a PAID subscriber later on , although I will receive messages

I feel , such an intervention , will serve at least some purpose , towards OPT In, and is , comparatively simpler to do

What do you think ?



Monday, 12 December 2016


Level Playing Field ?


It just does not exist - so forget about it and make the most of what you have !

For Corporate , it is absurd to demand and for a Government , it is futile to attempt to provide a Level Playing Field

There are no two countries where ALL the resources and the ENTIRE industrial Eco-system , is identical or even closely similar

Inputs for any industry are :


    *  Ave age / Education Level / Skills / Work Ethics / Productivity / Working

        Hours / Holidays /  Salaries


    *  Local vs Imported / Supply Chain / Logistics / Duties & Taxes / Quality


     *  Equity / Loans / Interest Rates / Collateral / Duration / Terms 

#    LAND / LOCATION ( of manufacturing unit )

     *  Availability / Prices / Transport / Availability of Skilled Manpower 

#    INDUSTRIAL  POLICY ( Central and State Governments )

     *  Exemptions / Incentives / Restrictions / Inspections / Permissions /



     *  Domestic / Overseas  



     *  IPR / Patents Regime / Copy-Rights / Home-Grown / Licensing / Royalty 


     *  High / Low Corporate Income Tax / Capital Gains Tax 


     *  Internal ( Road-Rail Network / Air-Sea connectivity ) / Warehouses


     Monopoly / Oligopoly / Cartels / Fierce & Free competition of many

Now , Industrialists / Businessmen , all over the World , will continue to compare the
INDUSTRIAL INPUTS existing in their own country with the following BENCHMARKS :

Most Business Friendly ................................... Ireland

#   Lowest Corporate Tax...................................... Kuwait ( 0 % )

#   Lowest Hourly Wages ( PPP basis ).................... Bangladesh ( $ 0.25/hr )

#   Highest Working Hours.................................... Mexico ( 42.5 / week )

#   Least Govt mandated paid holidays................... USA     ( Nil )

Highest Manpower Productivity......................... Switzerland

#   Lowest Bank Interest Rates.............................  Denmark ( 0.05 % )

#   Demographic Advantage of a Young Population....India 

Ease of Introducing unpopular reforms..............  China ( Dictatorship )  

There is , quite likely , some parameter on which a Country can claim to have distinct advantage over all the other countries

It could have something to do with its Geographical situation / Historical evolution / Political System / Legal Frame-work / Societal Norms etc

It is not possible to replicate advantages of all of these Benchmark Countries , into any one single country

At the same time , it is very important to keep studying these Benchmarks and ask ourselves :

"  How have these countries managed to reach , where they are ?

   What REFORMS can we introduce in our own system to catch-up ?

   Are there any parameters in which we ourselves are a Benchmark to others ?

   What should we do so that we do not slip-up where we are ourselves , some

   kind of a Benchmark , to the rest of the World ? 


12  June  2016

www.hemenparekh.in / blogs


hemen  parekh


Monday, 10 October 2016

Make Yourself Heard

Make    Yourself    Heard

Dear Visitor :

It is time for YOU to speak up - and demand that YOU are heard

By emailing this suggestion - incorporating your OWN improvements - to the following Policy Makers (  just click on their Email IDs and Copy / paste this suggestion )

#    'secy-ipp@nic.in'

#    rsecy@nic.in


hemen  parekh

Marol , Mumbai , India

( M ) +91 - 98,67,55,08,08


A Question and an Answer ?


Speaking at the launch of a book "World 2050" in Mumbai on 09 June 2016 , Reserve Bank Governor Raghuram Rajan said :

"  The technological progress is making the middle class anxious about job security globally.

The emerging threat is it's not the guy in Bengaluru but the robot next door who's going to take your job


*    flexible manufacturing,
*    big data,
*    connectivity, and
*    robotics

which are changing the entire landscape, wherein only professionals in the hi-tech sector or those lower down like security guards are feeling secure, while leaving the middle class anxious.

There's a sense that middle class jobs are disappearing either because of technology or globalization and as a result, something has to be done.

Nobody knows what, but the populists have the answer,"  he said, adding this results in attitudes like keeping out immigrants and also technology.

Increasingly, the debate is moving to emerging markets, where there is a worry, perhaps industrial countries will get right this time and perhaps won’t need us to produce stuff.

What happens if all these robots, flexible manufacturing, 3d printers... They no longer need mass production that was ladder to growth in emerging markets.... What happens to countries like Vietnam, India and Africa if the ladder for steady growth is removed ? ”

This is a  QUESTION rather than a STATEMENT, something we have to think about when we are looking forward 35 years,” he added.

THE   ANSWER  (  but certainly , not " Populist  ) :

My blog dt : 9 September 2015


China is known as the " Factory " of the World

India is known as the  " Back Office " of the World

Can India become the " Back Factory " of the World ?

Wrong question !

Right question is : WHEN can we become the " Back Factory " of the World ?

Answer is " hiding in plain sight " !

This week , an astronaut , sitting in a satellite 400 km above the earth and hurtling through space at 16,000 km per hour , operated a robot on the earth

Earlier , scientists sitting in NASA space centre or in Shri Harikota space centre , have operated Mars Rovers / MOM ( Mars Orbital Mission ) remotely

From a distance of millions of miles

And soon , astronauts  will be sending emails to earthlings from millions of miles away , using " Space Internet " on their Mobile phones

Invariably , each such team of scientists , comprised Indians !

So , WHEN can our scientists - and software Start Ups - enable Indian workers , sitting in Hyderabad / Chennai etc , to operate / manipulate , machinery in factories of Europe / America / China ?

I believe this can become a reality by 2020 , if Central Government and State Governments , just get out of the way of our scientists / Start Ups and leave them alone !

Then tell them :

" You are our next generation of Freedom Fighters . Free our millions from
poverty / starvation / jobless depression / ignominy / suicides

Like war - ravaged people of North Africa , Indians cannot invade Europe / Australia / Canada , in search of jobs / better life

We depend upon you to bring the jobs to India - jobs such as ,

  *   Operating Machinery in Factories abroad

  *   Controlling Air Traffic at Airports around the World

  *   Operating upon patients in Hospitals , all over

  *   Teaching students in Schools , in remote Africa

  *   Any job that currently requires immediate presence of a worker

And , if you set up a " Back Factory " , you don't need to pay Corporate Income Tax for next 10 years !

Simply register on web site of Income Tax Department as a " Back Factory " owner and file annual " Zero Corporate Tax Return "

When this happens ,

>  Millions of skilled Indian workers will operate factories around the World ,
    sitting in , internet connected " Back Factories " in small Indian towns

>  Foxcon will not need to replace its high-wage Chinese workers with one
    million robots ( as officially announced sometime back )

    At half the wages of those Chinese workers , Indians will operate Foxcon
    factories , all over the World , remotely !

>  " Contract Labour Act " will need to be replaced with " Back Factory " Act

>  " Minimum Wages Act " will need to be scrapped !

>   India will not need to fight with WTO on " Manpower / Service Exports "

>   " Make in India " will morph into " Make from India "

I hope NDA Ministers and members of NITI Aayog will ask , Narayan Murthy / Sam Pitroda / Azim Premji / Sundar Pichai / Satya Nadela / Ray Kurzweil etc :

"  How soon can this be done ?  How can you help ? "


10  June  2016

hemen  parekh

Marol , Mumbai , India

( M ) +91 - 98,67,55,08,08