Hi Friends,

Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

With regards,
Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Monday, 31 August 2015

FW: Re-naming and Re-arranging of links

Nitin ,

May be you could not carry out these changes on Saturday due to other pressing issues

I do hope , you will do so , today


From: Hemen Parekh [mailto:hcp@recruitguru.com]
Sent: Saturday, August 29, 2015 8:15 AM
To: 'Nitin Ruge'
Cc: 'Shuklendu Baji'
Subject: FW: Re-naming and Re-arranging of links


I hope you will implement the following changes today . Pl confirm

From monday , I plan to start sending out following promo emails




Dear Officer / Executive :

On Sept 25th , how do you plan to celebrate the first anniversary of ,

Make in India  ? ( hyperlink )

The best way would be by announcing to the World , your very OWN contribution to this game-changing initiative of our PM, Shri Narendra Modi

Your contributions such as :

*    Foreign / Local investments in Manufacturing / Services

*    MOUs or actual formations of Joint Ventures with Foreign firms

*    Collaborations for technology licensing

*    Marketing Agreements for Export / Import

*    Outsourcing / Sub-contracting for Foreign companies

*    Visits / delegations to / from abroad

*    Policy / procedure announcements re  " Ease of Doing Business "

*    Any other contribution ( none is too small ! )

If your Organization belongs to one of the following categories , then  the citizens of India ( and , most certainly our PM ) , want to hear from you , what you have done for the success of 

Make in India ( hyperlink )

Organizations which " create " news :

*    Central / State Government , Ministries / Departments / Agencies

*    Indian Embassies / Consulates / Trade Commissions abroad

*    Foreign Embassies / Consulates in India

*    Chambers of Commerce

*    Industry Associations / Trade Bodies

*    Professional Associations

*    Businesses / Companies ( Indian or Foreign )

All you need to be able to announce , is to register at :

                   "  Announce  Your   News  " ( hyperlink )

For " Breaking News " where your Organization is the source , there is no need  to await your turn on TV Channels !

with regards ,

hemen  parekh

From: Hemen Parekh [mailto:hcp@recruitguru.com]
Sent: Friday, August 28, 2015 12:21 PM
To: 'Nitin Ruge'; 'shuklendu.baji@sentientsystems.net'
Cc: Sanjivani Kadam
Subject: Re-naming and Re-arranging of links


I refer to my telecon with Satish  and subsequent email re the confusion resulting from ,

>  Mismatch between " Link Names " and corresponding " Page Titles "

>  Wrong sequence ( order ) of links in the Navigation bar

I had requested Satish to discuss this with you - then carry out the desirable changes

My own suggestion are as follows :

Sequence in Nav Bar ................ New name of link............................ Current Link Name


1....... Announce Your News / Register......................... Registration as a News Contributor

2......  Login as a News Contributor...............................Login as a News Contributor

3...... Compose Your News........................................... Compose Your News

4.......Edit / Delete Your News....................................   Announce Your News


Will this re-naming / re-arranging make better sense ? Will it reduce / eliminate confusion ?

If you agree , then I request you to carry that out ASAP

Of course , what would be the ultimate " User Friendly-ness " , would be to get rid of that " Back to Home " link and enable ALL the links of Navigation Bar remain visible to the user , when he is on any of the pages described above

I await your feedback



Dear Association Presidents ,

No one appreciates it better than you , how crucial it is for the business / industry , to see that GST gets implemented in April 2016

For this , we need to convince , both , the NDA government and the Opposition parties , to reach an amicable " Compromise " that is truly , a " WIN WIN " situation for both

If you think , my following proposal will enable both the parties to reach such a compromise , ( a kind of " face - saving " formula for both ? ) , then , I request you to use your good office , towards that end

with regards,

hemen  parekh


(M) 0 - 98,67,55,08,08


Jan   Dhan   Sarjan   Yojana

You have heard that the :

>  Jan Dhan Yojana completed one year on 28 Aug 2015

>  By creating some 17.5 crore accounts during this period , it became ,
    "  World's largest financial inclusion "  scheme

>  There was no need to have a minimum " Bank Balance " to open account

>  Zero bank balance accounts declined from 76% to 45% in last year

>  Bank Overdraft of Rs 5000 allowed after 6 months

>  Of 10 lakhs a/c qualifying for overdraft , 1.65 lakh have used it

By all accounts , this Yojana ( Scheme ) is all set to bring about a revolution in the matter of financial transactions of the poor people of India

Especially thru the use of RuPay Debit cards , every time these poor buy any goods or services from a local " Kirana " shop ( except that 99.99 % of these small local shops don't have card-readers ! )

In the meantime , there are a few other " Game Changing " revolutions shaping up

These are :

>  RBI permissions to some 20 Organizations to start " Payment Banks "
    ( Including Mobile Service Providers / India Post / PayTM etc )

>  Launch of a large number of " Hyper Local " e-commerce firms which
    deliver goods / services to local residents, placing orders thru mobile apps

>  Launch of quite a few " Mobile Wallet " apps, tied up with no of banks
    and millions of small shop-keepers , all over the country

>  Last - and most important - expected launch of  GST  in April 2016

Can we seize this opportunity to " Synergize " these parallel changes ?

It seems , not only possible , but outright essential  !

By launching ,  Jan Dhan Sarjan Yojana

 ( People's Wealth Creation Scheme )

As follows :

>   If GST is going to be ( say ) 20 % , Government will transfer from this ,
     2 % ( ie 10 % of that 20 % ) , to the PPF account of the Consumer /
     Buyer , who pays for the Goods / Services purchased , using a RuPay
     Card or a " Mobile Wallet " app

     This will motivate millions of self - employed to open  PPF  accounts !

>   Since interest from a PPF account is tax-free , every citizen would , now
     want to make all payments thru RuPay card of a Mobile Wallet App

>   RuPay cards are already tied up with accounts opened under Jan Dhan

>   Mobile Wallets Apps will also get tied-up with thousands of branches of
     Payment Banks , which will open in next 18 months

     Just imagine the number of new accounts that will get opened in the
     1,55,000 + post offices of India Post  !

>   In this way , Social Security will become " Self Financing " !

>   Currently , in India , some 97 % of all payments are " Cash Payments ".
     With introduction of this proposal , these will drastically decline

>   Any payment made , using RuPay card or a Mobile Wallet App , will make
     available to the Income Tax Department , full digitized record of each
     such transaction , including :

     *  Who  made the payment

     *  To whom was that payment made

     *  When was that payment made

     *  For what purchase , was that payment made

     *  What was the amount paid

>   One , very desirable consequence of  Jan Dhan Sarjan Yojana
     will be that our " Domestic Savings Rate " will climb back to 30 % !

      In turn , this will help us wither global economic crisis , much better  !

I have a feeling that my proposal will be welcomed by all sections of our Society and find overwhelming support for the passing of the GST bill by all political parties


hemen  parekh

31  August  2015


Saturday, 29 August 2015




Shuklendu / Nitin ,

Yesterday , I talked to you about the following report that appeared in Economic Times on 25th inst

If the consultancy fees are going to be Rs 150 Crores , then the total Media spend of MakeinIndia , during the current year could well exceed Rs 1,000 Crores  !

As mentioned by Shri Amitabh Kant , another agency ( some IT firm ) is in the process of revamping the web site of Make In India , which is expected to be ready , presumably before PM Modi's talk from the ramparts of Red Fort on 15 Aug

DIPP's target is to raise the current no of daily visitors to the web site , from 5,000 to 60,000 !

As I mentioned in my earlier email , even if just 1 % of the visitors click on the link , " Find Indian Partners " ( promised by Shri Kant to display it prominently on their homepage ) , we could have a huge traffic  !

It is of utmost importance that our next feature ( Who is investing in India ? ) , not only gets uploaded much before 15th Aug , but already carries , at the time of launching , a live searchable database of 200 / 500 records of planned / proposed / actual investments from some 20 / 30 different countries

This is why , we need that INPUT page , by end of this week

Even as Sanjivani / myself start entering data into this page , we will discover shortcomings and request for improvements  !

We definitely need a hyperlink in the DISPLAY page , which will take the visitor to the SOURCE of the news ( whenever taken from any Online web site )

I , once again offer to visit your office ( tomorrow , if so desired ) to exchange thoughts on how we can make this feature , a IRRESISTIBLE POWERFUL MAGNET for the foreign visitors

If we succeed in doing this , I feel confident to be able to convince Shri Amitabh Kant to place on revamped MakeinIndia web site , another hyperlink to this page  !

For B2B , this is the last chance !




The government has selected GroupM's Mindshare and WPP's outdoor unit Kinetic Worldwide as media agencies for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's `Make in India' initiative, which aims to encourage manufacturing in the country.

Both agencies are owned by WPP, the world's largest communications services group, and have been signed on for three years.

While Mindshare and Kinetic will handle
media planning, implement strategies and carry out media audits, the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP), which is implementing the programme, will buy media in India and overseas directly through the Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity ."The agencies will get consultation fees," a source said.

"We have reached the final stages and these agencies are in the process of getting selected," Amitabh Kant, secretary, DIPP, told ET.

On speculation that the department was scouting for a public relations firm for the campaign, Kant said, "We do not need a PR agency." He added that DIPP will spend Rs 100/150 crore annually on the `Make in India' campaign.

Prashanth Kumar, CEO of Mindshare South Asia, said, "It's a privilege to be working with the government of India.And we wil .. 
Confirming the development to ET, Amit Sarkar, COO of Kinetic India, said, "We will be building outdoor strategies for the `Make in India campaign."

A top official said the DIPP is likely to take the `Make in India' campaign to South Asia Middle Europe, the US and Africa in the near future.

"The campaign will be led by outdoor and followed by digital. DIPP is expected to spend upwards of Rs 85 crore annually just on the outdoor campaign. It will use traditional media  .. 
Last year, the government selected advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy India to craft a brand identity for `Make in India.' A silhouette of a lion representing 25 industry sectors as the logo of `Make in India' was created to drive the message.

The `Make in India' campaign at Hannover was handled by Kinetic, said a top official. From hoardings in the fairground to branding on public transport to brand activation inside malls, the airport and on the streets of Germany, Kinetic was s .. 

In June this year, DIPP invited proposals from media agencies. The objective of the campaign is to generate awareness about the investment opportunities and prospects of the country, to promote India as a preferred investment destination in the source markets overseas and to increase India's share of global FDI."


Friday, 28 August 2015

RE: Bill from Netcore

Pl pay


From: Mekhola Ganguly [mailto:mekhola@3pconsultants.co.in]
Sent: Friday, August 28, 2015 4:29 PM
To: Hemen Parekh
Cc: Shuklendu Baji; Nitin Ruge
Subject: Bill from Netcore

Dear Sir,

After much persuasion,  Netcore has sent us the bill for the falconide services.

Request you to approve it.

Warm Regards,

Mekhola Ganguly
+91 9867550825

From: Tushar Limaje [mailto:tushar.limaje@netcore.co.in]
Sent: 28 August 2015 13:26
To: Mekhola Ganguly
Cc: sunil.yewale@netcore.co.in; Aashish Dube (Netcore Solutions); tanishq.juneja@netcore.co.in
Subject: Re: Updates on Spam issues

Hi Mekhola,

Apologies for late reply.

As discussed with my internal team, the billing is of short amount Rs.375 + taxes so invoice is not raised, attached is report for your reference.

Let me know whether it should be billed for that amount so that I can ask my accounts team to get it billed.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Time to Re-Think ?

Time  to  Re-Think  ?

Among many problems being faced by India these days ,are :

>  World - wide slowing down of economy

>  Rapidly rising workforce / unemployed

>  Resistance to Labour Reforms by Unions

>  Chinese currency devaluation

>  Rapid decline in our Exports

Even as Central Government Ministers sit down today, to listen to ,and address the Charter of Demands of Labour Unions , may be they need to articulate , in no uncertain terms , what the Unions must " Give " , in return for what they expect to " Take "

At this stage , the only thing that can save our country going the way of Greece , is :

Make India , a " Low Cost Economy "

I hope what I wrote to 7,500 employees of L&T Powai Works , some 31 years back , provides some clues

with regards,

hemen  parekh

27  Aug  2015


16 AUG 1984

To: All Employees at Powai Works

Dear Friends :

In Brazil they call it......    Indexation

In America they call it...... COLA  ( Cost of Living Adjustment )

In Italy they call it ......... Scala - Mobile  Escalator.
 In India we call it..........  D.A.  ( Dearness Allowance )

But everywhere,  it means  the same  thing to  the employees.
Whenever  inflation pushes  up  prices  in  the  market,  some index  published  by  the  Government  will  also  rise. 
In India, we call it   Consumer Price Index  (  CPI  )
Whenever C.P.I, goes up, D.A.  goes up, putting more money in the hands of an employee.

The  idea is that  even though  the prices may  have gone  up , with  the  extra  D.A.  in  his  hands,  he  can  continue  to purchase the same quantity  of articles as before.

Rising prices raise the " Cost of Living " .

So the experts  thought :

"Let us put  more money in the  hands of  an employee - to   take care  of  the  rising  prices  -  to neutralize the rise in the ," Cost of Living "

Fine idea ! 

In fact, originally this is an Indian idea 

We, in India, introduced it  40  years ago. 

Americans and Italians introduced it only a few years ago.

Italians call  it " Scala - Mobile  Escalator ".  

Seems like  they borrowed the  idea  from our own " Escalator-culture " !

Except that they  seem to have discovered  something within 5 years  (1979-1984) which we have  still not  discovered after 40 years .  Or do not wish to discover !

And that is :

Every time D.A. goes up, " Cost of Production" also goes up !

And if  " Cost of Production "  goes up, " Selling Prices " must also go up. 

( We were forced to  raise the selling  prices of our Switchgear  Standard products a few days ago )

If we do  not raise our selling prices,  our profits will  go down

But  nobody   likes  profits   to  go  down   -  neither   the shareholders nor the employees.

So  what is  the problem ?  Just keep  raising  the selling prices, whenever costs go up.

But the Italians are thinking :

"No that won't  work. 
If we  wish to  sell fertilizer plants in India, our  selling prices must be  lower than the selling prices of the  Japanese manufacturers  ( who last month gave a YEN 6 billion  loan to India, to buy  a fertilizer plant from Japan )
And our  selling prices  must be lower than those of an Indian company  called L&T
But we cannot force L&T to raise its selling  prices. 
All that  we can do  is  to reduce  our costs, by slowing  down the " Scala Mobile Escalator  "— Down with D.A. ! "

If our Mr. V.G.Desai (Divisional Manager -Chemical Division ) could hear the  Italians thinking, he would  jump-up and say:
 " Very dangerous thinking ! "
He means  dangerous  for us - for  L&T

Let me  assure you, VGD  has  no love  lost for  the Italian   workmen !

And  with all  the  affection he  has  for our  own employees  he  keeps gazing at the following chart.


And he wonders :

How  the Italians  ( even Japanese ) would  love to  get a copy of this chart  !

Does  Indian  Industry  have  the  "Italian Option"   ( of stopping or slowing down the D.A.) ?

If not , can   people   of   Powai,   possibly   increase   their productivity quickly enough  to neutralize the following increases in the wages ?

Increase/ Employee
Rs / Month
Jan. 1979 Settlement   (Average)
D.A.Increase (Jan1979 -July 1984)
475 to 1114
April 1984 Settlement (Average)
1225 to 1864

How shall we respond to these questions ?

h c parekh