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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

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27 June 2013

Friday, 29 December 2017


Just  Ask  Google  !


Dear Members of Srikrishna Committee ( on Data Protection Law ) :

It is safe to assume that all of you carry a GPS enabled smart phone and synced it with your E Mail / SMS

Most likely , you have also installed WhatsApp / Skype or FaceTime / Play Store / Weather App Google Map Street View Calendar / Clock / Calculator etc

Without doubt , your smart phone is installed with a Mobile Wallet App ( most likely, BHIM , linked with your Aadhar ID and your Bank Account )

You may have a UBER or OLA , taxi-hailing App , which would have captured every trip you undertook ( from WHERE to WHERE )

Now the agenda / date / time and venue of this meeting which you are attending right now was , without doubt , conveyed to you using some “ Messaging Service “ , over your phone

So , Google ( or Apple or Samsung ) knows , WHO you are , WHERE you are and WHAT you are discussing  right now – and with WHOM !
And if the Convener of the meeting ordered some food ( for serving after the meeting ) , using some APP on his smart phone , then Google also knows what you are eating !

And if the MINUTES of that meeting is sent for your OK over email , Google knows that as well  !

No doubt , each one of you, at some time or other , must have conducted a Google  Search by entering your own name in its search bar to know what Google knows about you

But those Search Results won’t tell you that Google also knows the following things about YOU :

·         Who I am ( name )

·         Where and when, I was born / who were my parents

·         Where I grew up / where I live currently

·         Do I live in a rented place or in an owned flat

·         What Schools / Colleges I attended ( - and degrees I acquired )

·         What Companies I worked for and salaries I got

·         How I travel to work ( own vehicle or public transport )

·         Where I go for my holidays / what books I read

·         Who I married and who are my children ( - and how many )

·         If divorced , how much alimony I pay and to whom

·         Where I invest my money ( Banks – Funds – Equity etc )

·         How much I have borrowed from whom and for how long

·         My Credit ranking  ( including my spending history / card wise – wallet wise )

·         What are my eating ( food ) preferences and the restaurants I visit

·         What I do for entertainment ( Music / Movies / Videos )

·         What clothes I wear and how often do I buy

·         Who are my friends and how often I phone / text them / meet them

·         What ailments I suffer from and what medicines I take

·         What minor offences ( traffic ) or crimes that I have committed

·         What elections I have contested ( won and lost )

·         Who are my doctors / lawyers / brokers / agents etc

·         What web sites I visit and how often and for how long

·         What do I search on the Net / What RSS feeds I subscribe to

·         What TV channels I watch and Radio Stations that I listen to

·         Every photo of mine ever taken ( selfie or otherwise )

·         Every phone call that I ever made or received

·         Every Email / Text message that I ever sent or received

·         Every blog / comment that I ever posted on the Web

·         Every face-to-face communication that I engaged in

Readers are requested to forward this to the following members of the Committee :

        Justice B N Srikrishna…………………………bnsrikrishna@gmail.com

·         Smt Aruna Sundarrajan………………………secy-dot@nic.in

·         Dr Ajay Bhushan Pandey…………………. ceo@uidai.gov.in

·         Dr Ajay Kumar……………………………. ajay@deity.gov.in / akumar@del2.vsnl.net.in

·         Prof. Rajat Moona……………………………. moona@iitk.ac.in

·         Dr Gulshan Rai………………………………..  grai@deity.gov.in

·         Prof. Rishikesha Krishnan………………   director@iimidr.ac.in

·         Dr Arghya Sengupta………………………   arghya.sengupta@gmail.com

29  Nov  2017

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7  Pillars  of  Data  Protection  Law


Times of India ( 28 / Nov ) carries following news :

“ The 7 Pillars of Data Protection Law , according to Srikrishna Committee “

These are :

·         A firm and legal framework

·         Technology Agnosticism

·         Data Minimization

·         Informed and meaningful Consent

·         Accountability of Data Controller

·         Penalties for Wrongful Processing

·         Enforcement of Data Protection Framework

The white paper put out by the Committee , inviting suggestions from public , notes :

“ Biggest challenge in regulating emerging technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, lies in the fact that they may operate outside the framework of traditional privacy principles .

The advent of the Internet of Things also poses a challenge to the degree of anonymity that can be achieved

New devices capture data in forms which are unique . an example is that of a person’s gait being uniquely identified by a wearable activity tracker. Such data can perhaps never be completely identified . The current methods of using aggregated anonymised data might not be secure enough when applied to such data  “

For a list of 229 questions on which citizen opinions are solicited , read :

My own suggestions sent earlier to the following members of the Committee are linked below . Should you agree with these , just forward this mail to the following E Mail IDs :

Ensure that YOUR voice is heard !

·         Justice B N Srikrishna…………………………bnsrikrishna@gmail.com

·         Smt Aruna Sundarrajan………………………secy-dot@nic.in

·         Dr Ajay Bhushan Pandey…………………. ceo@uidai.gov.in

·         Dr Ajay Kumar……………………………. ajay@deity.gov.in / akumar@del2.vsnl.net.in

·         Prof. Rajat Moona……………………………. moona@iitk.ac.in

·         Dr Gulshan Rai………………………………..  grai@deity.gov.in

·         Prof. Rishikesha Krishnan………………   director@iimidr.ac.in

·         Dr Arghya Sengupta………………………   arghya.sengupta@gmail.com


28  Nov  2017


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hemen  parekh 
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Oh !  To  be  in  Fatherland  !


Germans call their country, “ Fatherland “

Germans are also known for their very high standard of Discipline / Efficiency / Productivity – and , in recent past , have bailed out , some “ about to go bankrupt “ European countries

But it is also a very cold country and I would avoid going there ( - fortunately , I have no reason to go there ! )

But the reason behind the title of this blog , is the following news :

Now, Germans get paid to use power

The Times of India (Mumbai edition)
28 Dec 2017

Germany has spent $200 billion over the past two decades to promote cleaner sources of electricity.

That enormous investment is now having an unexpected impact — consumers are now actually paid to use power on occasion, as was the case over the weekend.

Power prices plunged below zero for much of Sunday and the early hours of Christmas Day on the EPEX Spot, a large European power trading exchange, the result of low demand, unseasonably warm weather and strong breezes that provided an abundance of wind power on the grid.

Such “negative prices” are not the norm in Germany, but they are far from rare, thanks to the country’s effort to encourage investment in greener forms of power generation.

Prices for electricity in Germany have dipped below zero — meaning customers are being paid to consume power — more than 100 times this year alone, according to EPEX Spot.

What causes negative prices ?

Basically, when the supply of power outstrips demand for it.

The energy supplies that Germany depends on, are less predict- able than they used to be. Wind power, in particular, is highly dependent on changes in weather patterns.

Giant spinning turbines produce, on average, about 12% of Germany’s power, but on windy days, they can generate several times that amount.

At the same time, other mainstays of the electricity supply, especially some coal and nuclear power plants, are unable to dial back quickly enough, leading to negative prices on electricity trading markets.

I believe this  EXTREMELY  LOW price of electricity is , one more reason ( apart from discipline / efficiency / productivity , cited above ) , why Germany is a very prosperous country

What do this “ Near ZERO “ electricity prices mean to the German Economy ?

·         Costs of manufacture of “ products ”  and delivery of “ services “ , go down

·         Industrial robots consume a lot of electricity. These become cheaper to operate

·         Cheaper “ operating cost “ of robots encourage companies to replace “ high wage “ workers with more robots – further reducing manufacturing costs

·         Rapidly increasing demand for robots leads to more manufacture of robots , which generates jobs for more skilled workers

·         Ave annual work-hours in Germany has dropped from 1371 ( 2014 ) to 1363 ( 2016 )

·         Electricity cost as a percentage of total manufacturing cost “ for Steel , comes to around 30 %. This percentage is much higher for Aluminum / Copper etc
What happens if this Electricity cost drops drastically ?

Raw material costs drop

And when Raw Material Costs drop, costs of ALL products drop !

When Product Costs drop , it becomes a  LOW  COST  ECONOMY – enabling greater exports  !

Even in some distant future , can we expect such a scenario in India ?

It is possible if our Policy Makers , implement :

FROM GREED TO GREAT ?  [  01  Oct  2015  ]

Unlimited Power : and round the clock ?  [  29  July  2016  ]

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To figure out how far we are from Electricity Price of  Re 1 / kwh , read :

29  Dec  2017