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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

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27 June 2013

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Shri Dattatri Salagameji / MD, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

 Wed 21-Apr-21 11:05 AM

dattatri.salagame@in.bosch.com; dattatrisalagame@gmail.com; contact@in.bosch.com; dattatri.s@in.bosh.com



Shri Dattatri Salagameji


MD, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions




Dear Dattatriji,




Just read in today’s Times Nation ( print copy ):


Bosch’s India engrs are converting cars to mobility gadgets ( could not find e-link )



In this article, you are quoted as follows :


“ I call cars mobility gadgets. We have, for instance, developed solutions which bring context-relevant information in the car, which can be extremely useful for users.


Say you pass by a shopping mall as you drive, you’ll get personalized recommendations on your infotainment screen, as well as parking options “



I am sure, your clever engineers can “ REVERSE “ this process , as described in my following blog :


 Future of Advertising ……………………………(  30 Aug 2018 )


Extract from blog :


Say , a spectacle-wearing pedestrian is standing on the footpath , in front of a shop of SUNAYAN OPTICIANS and sees a BEST bus approaching .



He had visited an eye doctor in the morning ( record on Mobile )



Lo and behold ! He sees on the side of the bus , an ADVT from SUNAYAN OPTICIANS , saying : FREE eye check up for the next 15 minutes !



That advt turns into an ad from AJANTA CHEMIST ( located 50 feet away down the road ) , where a pedestrian has a mobile in his hand , using which , he had ordered PENTOCID tablets in the morning



To his amazement , he notices that the Google Ad urges him to buy ANTACID tablets at 20 % discount - of course, from AJANTA CHEMIST !




Somewhere else you are quoted as :


“ We believe all vehicles will become like mobile phones. They will all be connected, and just as your phone gets updated regularly, you will have new features that will be regularly updated onto your car. Cars will become dynamic products … You need very deep domain knowledge to understand the systems in a car. We need people who can write code and algorithms that control the mechanical systems “  


Dear Dattatriji,



      As per this article, you plan to hire 2,500 engineers this year . When you advertise, possibly 250,000 engineers will apply


      No doubt, your recruitment process will be :


Ø   Multi Stage

Ø   Involve some kind of WRITTEN TEST

Ø   Face – to – face Interview / Assessment



      But a moot question is :


     Even if you plan to call only 3 candidates against each position, how do you “ shortlist /  zero in “ on 7,500 out of those 250,000 applicants ?



     Here is a suggestion :


     Send them following link and ask them to send to you, a one page LOGIC of how , if selected , he / she will prepare a detailed PROJECT PLAN to implement it :


Transport : an Integrated Logistic Plan ? ………………………….[ 20 Nov 2018 ]



     And, as far as those engineers who you already employ, you may want them to expand their VISION  HORIZON by going through :


A Brief History of Electric Vehicles in India ………………………..[ 30 Jan 2021 ]

Traffic Offences are a Lesser Priority  ………………………………..[ 14 Mar 2021 ]

Thank You, Shri Dhakneji, …………………………………………………[ 16 Mar 2021 ]

Thank you Shri Gadkariji, …………………………………………………..[ 19 Mar 2021 ]

Google points the Way ……………………………………………………….[ 01 Apr 2021 ]

From E-Way Bills to Express-ways of Commerce ? ……………[ 18 Apr 2021 ]

Vehicle Fitness Test ? A 7 year wait ? …………………………………[ 19 Apr 2021 ]


Inconvenience caused if any, highly regretted


With regards,


Hemen Parekh



Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Digging for Gold ?

 Hemen Parekh <hcp@recruitguru.com>

Tue 23-Mar-21 11:23 AM



Dear Dr Pant,


Just read enlightening article about your work / achievements in recovering precious metals from E-Waste :


 Digging for gold in Digital Dumps  /  Business Line  /  15 March


Congratulations, to you and to your team


 I  hope Central Government helps IIT-Delhi in commercializing your technology in a big way


At one place, article writes :


“ Besides providing a sustainable solution for e-waste recycling, the technology has the potential to generate jobs in the waste recycling industry “


 In this context, you might like to look up my following blogs ( sent as e-mail to Cabinet Ministers / NITI Aayog / Policy Makers ) :


#EWaste #Recycling #Sustainability #CircularEconomy ………………………………….[ 18 April 2018 ]

E-Waste : Converting a Threat into Opportunity ………………………………………………[ 04 July 2020 ]


With regards,


Hemen Parekh


hcp@RecruitGuru.com   /   www.hemenparekh.in 

Green Energy

 Hemen Parekh <hcp@recruitguru.com>

Wed 24-Mar-21 1:09 PM


CC: vch-niti@gov.in


Dear Amitabh,


Just read :





In your speech , you talked about ,


Ø    use of hydrogen on a mission mode


Ø    To become global leader to show-case its green energy pathways



In this context, you might want to look up :



Ø   Use of Hydrogen


           A next step in renewable Bionic Leaf fuel production 


          In a new paper, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers address how to use seawater to power the

          Bionic Leaf.


         Nocera, the Patterson Rockwood Professor of Energy, spoke with the Gazette to answer questions about his research and the latest advancement of

         the Bionic Leaf project.



 India to become Show-case


               All that glitters is ….. Gold ? 




With regards,


Hemen parekh

Monday, 28 September 2020

Electoral Reforms / Tatagath Sathpathy / Pratham Mittal / NETA mobile app


Dear Tathagat,



Just enjoyed reading your following article in yesterday’s Mumbai Mirror :


The Parliament that was



At one place you write :


“  This made me realise that Indian democracy, as envisioned by those who drafted our constitution, was meant to be such that every individual was merely a representative of his or her constituency…. They were meant to be the voice of people..  “



I believe the MPs / MLAs do not consider themselves , “ accountable / answerable “ to the people who elect them . Once elected, their loyalty shifts to their “ Party Bosses “ because these bosses will decide whether he will be given a ticket during the next election


If a MP / MLA know ( through enacting appropriate law ), that they can be “ recalled “ by the voters if those voters conclude that he has “ failed to represent their voice / failed in performing his duty to the constituency “, then these legislators would behave very differently in the parliament


I am not saying that this is an easy / straightforward solution , nor do I fool myself by thinking that any MP / MLA or any political party , would willingly “ introduce / promote “ such a bill  !


[ Ref : *  ROMP :  A Panacea ?  ( 06  Aug  2016  ) ]

But it is heartening that Pratham Mittal has made a beginning in this direction .


Ref : Pratham Mittal founder of Neta App - exclusive interview, Harnessing Technology for Good Governance









From video-link above, I understand that Mobile App NETA ( developed by Pratham Mittal ) has a feature to conduct “ Surveys / Exit Polls “ etc


I am marking a copy of this mail to Pratham ( p@outgrow.co ) to examine if NETA can be modified to incorporate suggestion that I made in :


VotersWill   …………………( 03 Nov 2018 ) /   https://myblogepage.blogspot.com/2018/11/voterswill.html


With regards,

Hemen Parekh  /  hcp@RecruitGuru.com


Dear Pratham Mittal,

Thoroughly enjoyed your interview-video on Youtube , where you talked about :

Authentication / validation ( also the fact that user’s Phone No is NOT stored )

Data gathered is publicly available

You are NOT selling the data

As of now, you have no plan to “ monetize “the data being compiled

Your goal is “ to change the way, politics is played “

Your idea is to “ develop trust and credibility “

By the political parties , it is difficult to “ Game “ the data

Political Parties, do not look upon you ( NETA app ), as adversaries

Yours is a small team of 20 / 25 persons ( ave age of 26 years )

NETA has 28 million users

NETA has a feature to conduct “ Surveys / Exit Polls “

A user can see his “ own rating score “ for a given neta and also get to see the “ aggregate rating “

NETA app is designed to “ Engage the citizen with Political Parties “

NETA app provides full information of a Candidate , such as Assets – Liabilties etc

Using NETA , political parties can run “ Funding Campaign “ in a fully transparent manner – thereby eliminating the need for Electoral Bonds

Your goal is to make NETA, a “ One Stop “ political engagement tool   

This is in continuation of my following earlier email :


pr@neta.co.in / Tue 12-Mar-19 5:26 PM

Dear Pratham Mittal,


Once again , a hearty congratulations for re-launching this app when elections are just around the corner [ I saw the full page ad in today’s Times of India ]


I hope ROMP will follow soon













From: Tathagata Satpathy [mailto:tatzaudi@yahoo.com]

Sent: Sunday, December 17, 2017 12:57 PM

To: Hemen Parekh




Cases against me are related to Defamation on articles/news published in my newspapers of which I am the Editor. False or true is not relevant. All I am saying is that even though Defamation is a Criminal offence, the cases have nothing to do with politics.


Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

On Sunday, December 17, 2017, 8:45 AM, Hemen Parekh <hcp@recruitguru.com> wrote:

Dear Tathagata ,

Glad you liked my blog

 Without doubt , there must be many false cases like in your case

 But , I suppose getting your name cleared , must be uppermost in your mind

 Somehow , in India , for past 7 decades , DEMOCRACY has been only equated with ELECTIONS

 To know , what kind of ELECTORAL REFORMS , we need – and urgently – You may want to read my following blog

 I have also written many blogs on “ Information Technology impacting on Privacy “

 Warm Regards,

 Hemen Parekh / Mumbai / +91 98675 50808

3P Consultants \ Strategic Human Resources Consultants

 PS :

 Each of my blogs , is sent to the Central Cabinet / NITI Aayog ( - and now , to PM – Economy Advisory Council )  



Reforming Elections and Lok Sabha [ REaL ]


Dear Shri Narendrabhai ,


During your speech at a rally in Kanpur recently , you spoke about issues concerning ,


 In respect of these , I have earlier sent to you ( as E Mails ) , some of my blogs listed below each issue

 Obviously , final solutions in respect of each issue , must necessarily emerge from a country-wide debate among all citizens

 I urge you to get NITI Aayog to frame suitable QUESTIONNAIRES ( one for each issue ) and invite citizens to vote ONLINE , on all government web sites

 NITI Aayog may also want to consider conducting these ONLINE SURVEYS , through Mobile Apps, as you recently did in respect of demonetization





MY  BLOGS ( This is not a complete list of my E Mails sent to Cabinet Ministers ) :

 " Election Reforms " Summarized



·        Finding  Candidate  Information



·         Presidential  or coalition  Government  ?


·         Electoral  Reforms Capsule  :  A bitter pill  ?


·         Reforming  Elections and  Lok  Sabha


·         One  Nation , One  Vote  ?


·         Constitutional  Coalition Aftershocks


·         A  Blue  Print  for VotesApp  ?


·         EVM:  as susceptible  as  MOM  ?


·         #EVMBahana


·         We  are not  bribing  the Voters  !


·         Model  Code of  ( Hypocrite  ) Conduct


·         Let  us begin  at  the Beginning !


·         A  Freebie that  cannot  be faulted


·         How  will political  parties  survive ?


·         Simultaneous  Elections : What  do  you think  ?


·         One  Poll : One  Time


·         Advantage  Incumbent ?


·         The  Greatest Reform


·         One  day polling  is  possible


·         Honey  !  Ishrunk  the  EVM  !


·         Perennial  Poll Promises






Dear  Shri  Narendrabhai ,


I urge you to initiate action on these ELECTORAL REFORMS , before people lose all faith in the ability of our DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM to alleviate their miseries


with regards,


hemendra  parekh / hcp@RecruitGuru.com




21  Dec  2016



www.hemenparekh.in / blogs



From: Tathagata Satpathy [mailto:tatzaudi@yahoo.com]
Sent: 15 December 2017 23:39
To: Hemen Parekh


Dear Mr Parekh,

This is an amazing work sheet.

Thank you for sending this to me.

I am named in this group of MPs and have many cases against me. 

ALL and every single one of them is a Defamation case filed by bureaucrats' family members in connection to news published in two of my daily newspapers against government corruption.

Yes, the future is going to be interesting indeed.

Best wishes. 

Tathagata Satpathy

MP Lok Sabha

Dhenkanal, Orissa

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On Wednesday, December 13, 2017, 16:16, Hemen Parekh <hcp@recruitguru.com> wrote:




From: Hemen Parekh [mailto:hcp@recruitguru.com]

Sent: 13 December 2017 16:13



To: Cabinet Ministers
Cc: ssbhalla@gmail.com; bibek.debroy@gov.in; ashima@igidr.ac.in; rr1@nipfp.org.in; ratanp.watal@gov.in; ceo-niti@nic.in; cm@maharashtra.gov.in; cmbihar@nic.in; Indian Think Tanks; hcp@recruitguru.com








2019 : Nightmare Year ?





In his book “ 1984 “ ,George Orwell imagined the nightmare of the State surveillance of private lives of the citizens of the World



I envisage year 2019 as a nightmare year for the politicians of India



Look at following news appearing in today’s Times of India :







“ Govt to set up 12 spl courts to try 1,581 MPs and MLAs “




Highlights :


·         228………. Members of Parliament to be tried in two special courts


·         13,500 … Approx number of total pending cases


·         1,125 ….. Number of cases that each special court will have to decide in a year


·         242……..  Number of days trial courts normally function in a year


·         4.6………  Ave number of cases per day, each special court will have to dispose off




I assume that ,



·         it will be May 2018 , by the time these Special Courts start working – more than 4 YEARS after the Supreme Court directed the Centre to set up these courts


·         these “ Super Efficient “ courts will refuse to grant any “ Postponement Dates “ to the accused and not only conclude within ONE HOUR ( whether the accused was guilty or not ) but also announce the VERDICT , on the spot ( remember , 4.6 cases / day ? )


·         there cannot be any “ Appeal “ against the judgements of these special courts


·         some 365 MPs / MLAs ( out of those 1581 accused ) will be found GUILTY



·         the Speakers of the Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha , will get court order copies within 7 days


·         the Speakers will disqualify , within 7 days , those MPs / MLAs who are declared guilty and who have been handed out sentences of 5 years or more


·         the Election Commission will receive these “ Disqualification Notifications “ in 7 days


·         the Election Commission will announce re-election dates within 30 days for seats falling vacant


·         these Elections will start from Dec 2018  and stretch throughout 365 days of 2019



·         to ensure proper / timely availability of Election officers / police / EVMs / polling booths / presiding officers / school-teachers / transport etc , spread over 28 States , no more than ONE ELECTION will be conducted PER DAY ( - for each of 365 days of 2019 ! )


I had envisaged this scenario , as far back as MAY  2014 , in :


All Seasons Are Election Seasons



2019 will be a nightmare year , not only for the politicians but also for the voters !


But it will be a bonanza year for :


·         Newspapers ( Advt earnings )


·         Outdoor Publicity Companies ( Hoardings )


·         Helicopter Companies ( to ferry candidates / campaigners )


·         Truck Rental Companies ( to ferry voters )


·         Event Management Companies ( organizing Sabhas / Rallies )


·         Printing Presses ( printing of pamphlets / brochures / posters )….etc


Karl Marx may have said , " Religion the is the opium of Masses "

In India , it seems , " Elections are the opium of the Masses " !


In 2019 , expect  DEMOCRACY  to  be working  24*365 !





13  Dec  2017